We headed into SF early as we were booked to go to Alcatraz at 9:30am. Got there in plenty of time to find a car park. Alcatraz was great. Really interesting. I could´ve spent at least another hour or so there. But Nate was tired and Jesika was cold so we went back over to SF. It really was a cold SF day. There is a well known quote by Mark Twain ´The coldest winter I ever spent was a summers day in San Francisco´! We have found that to be so true. Not too sure why we get indoctrinated by the movies into thinking California is hot & sunny – the central coastal regions surely are not. They are constantly foggy, it makes you feel claustraphobic and so wanting to be in sunshine. After several days I was actually missing the desert – for me that is amazing as I am not a ´hot´person. The other thing is that San Franciscan´s are so proud of their trade mark fog!!! I must admit it is pretty – to see once!


We spent the afternoon walking around SF, found the Disney store. What a cool shop. I so wanted to get Azzan a pirates costume but they were $70US so settled for some more practical garments instead!! We then tidied up and found another carpark and walked to an Italian restaurant ´Sadinos´ where we met Bryan and eventually John & Ruth. Had dinner with them, then went back to the hostel. We were all feeling very ready to go home. Tired of SF, ready to leave.



We cooked up all our food and had a huge breakfast as it was our last in Montara. It was sad to leave as we really did enjoy our time there, and the people were so lovely. There was a bit of drama though before we left as one of the guests had had his wallet stolen. Apparently, there had been a rather unreputable guy sharing his room so the police were there getting info. We went to Half Moon Bay to return Nate´s book. We also got some extra cash from the bank as our cards won´t work in the machines. This time I made sure I took my card with me!!

We left our excess baggage with Bryan then parked the car and went to the Metreon. Would´ve been good to see the Titanic exhibition but was quite expensive. So Jesika went to see ´Acceptance´while I took Nate to the IMAX to see Superman Returns. It was a very loud big movie and I am very sure that I DO NOT want to ever see it again! It was good to experience it though, but I found it rather exhausting and tiresome. Nate enjoyed it but did find it too loud too. We then drove out to the airport. Left the car at Herzt depot and took Airbus to airport. Had plenty of time to go through security. Man, they make you nearly strip to go through now. Shoes, belts, coats off even my hairclips had to come out and go through their machines.  They were on Orange Alert, hate to think what Red Alert would be like – might be sight – can just envisige the naked masses being herded through the xray machines

We had pizza and pastries to fill our tummies and fill in time and then went down to wait. Jesika & I both had books to read but Nate didn´t so he spent his time going up and down the escalators!!

We finally boarded and left at 11:30pm. Nate slept soundly and when we arrived at 6am was rather dozey. I didn´t realise it but we had lost 2 hours. So it really was only 4am – our body clocks are getting a hammering over here. We had to wait a wqhile for the plane to Oaxaca – it was working on Mexican time and was quite late leaving. Nate went back to sleep in his chair. Then on the hour flight here he went out to it so soundly I couldn´t wake him. When we were descending I managed to wake him to have his drink, I knew he was thirsty before he went to sleep, he drank it and then went straight back to sleep.  Managed to get him to wake to get off and go thru a very shambollic customs. Jesika changed some money into pésos and then we got a shuttle to the hostel. The hostel Mezkilito is really nice. Clean, comfortable beds and nice facilities. We made our beds and then collapsed on them and slept for 3 hours. Have spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on emails while the hostel is quiet, Nate went for a swim but said the water was too cold, he has been watching Mexican TV while Jesika slept a while longer.

We are about to now, go out and find some food and water. Have to buy all our water here – too risky otherwise.


I have now caught up on the past 4 weeks. – Great! From here on in I will try and fill you in on a more regular basis. I will load photos when I get home.

Am off to find dinner – I am starving, the food on the plane left a lot to be desired. I was sure glad we had had the pizzas at the airport!!



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