Well, we spent the afternoon wandering about the local area.
Jesika was feeling quite at home because she reaslised very quickly that she was not far from where they stayed last year. We were introduced to Nieve – Mexican fruit ices – in fact we sat at the same table they had all sat at last year when spending their last hours with Jesus. They were very delicious, more icy than creamy which I prefer.

We followed Jesika down this alley, through this door, around this corner……..she seemed to know exactly where she was going, I was totally lost. The smells and sights were so diverse.
You walk along and pass meat markets, clothes stall, cell phone stalls, food shops all mixed up. Quite incongruous really. Nathan was having a hard time with the smells and we had to get his nose out of his tee shirt as it looked rather rude! I coped fine until we walked past the end shops of the meat market and there were piles of tripe and other offal and I told Jesika right then I was becoming vegetarian on this trip!! It is quite unbelievable, the meat is out in the open, being cut up and draped over rails in front of you, there are huges baskets of chillis of all sorts, fruits I have never heard of before. All mixed up with clothes, trinkets, leather goods and even the good old Japanese plastic trivia.

There is a teachers strike going on here and in Mexico City right now. It is huge, way worse than last year when Jesika was here. This time they are furious because a leading politician who has just won the election is spending all the money allocated for education on election expenses. So they are all camped out in the streets, the streets are barricaded wityh tin fences and big buses parked precariously across streets just where ever they have fel inclined to leave them. There is graffitti everywhere – we have seen no violence yet but have been warned that there could be some – did see a large graffittied sign today saying Tourists Go Home!

Anyway, we had no idea that this strike is also crippling the public transport system. But tonight we were waiting to have pizza for dinner at a nearby hostel cafe – it was a hostel the children stayed in last year – a German girl asked us how we were planning on getting out of Oaxaca. We had no idea what she was talking about until she explained that NO buses are operating.

We are being picked up in the morning at 10am to be taken by the Childfund folk to meet Jesus and his family. So we will find out then how we are going to be affected because last year they were taken by bus.

I had better get to bed, it is late and we have had a long day.

Before I finish though, I must tell you what Nathan said to me a couple of days ago.
He commented that he thought this was sposed to be a holiday and he was getting exhausted from all the walking we were doing. In fact he said he was sure that hsi legs were going to be at least 8¨shorter when he gets back home!!!

He is doing very well though, for a young man of 10 he is coping admirably with everything and is absolutely delightful with the folk he meets. He is gorgeous with the little children, there was a wee person tottering about outside the theatre yesterday and he was going to off to babysit so his mother could go to the bathroom. He and Jesika are having some sibling fun. Playing games of pokey pokey, slappy slappy keep themselves in training for normal sibling stuff.

Right I am off to bed
watch this space for updates on the situation here…..

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