Well, we had to say goodbye to Keigo this week. It was so sad. After
being here since last November he has become part of the family. (He
did go away to see the rest of NZ from Feb – May). He has been so much
fun and eveyone has loved him to bits. We all hope he does well and
achieves his dreams back in Japan as a sheep shearer in farm parks.

Brianna had to return to Christchurch too so she took him with her. On
the way she sat her final driving test and passed – yippee! Well done

There was the normal sisterly craziness going on during the last night together.
Mahalia giving Bri a big bear squeeze
and Jesika getting very kissy kissy!!

The other great news is that Seb passed his restricted drivers licence
too.  So we now have 7 fully licenced drivers in the family and 1
nearly there. Thankfully it will be another 4 years before Nathan will
be able to get his.

Talked to Anson the other night. He is loving the shearing in WA. He is
extending his time by 2 weeks, so I had to change his flight home, he
now gets back just before his 21st party. He is already planning to go
back again in the New Year. The way he is going he will have his truck
paid off in no time – and with it parked up back here, he is saving on
fuel too!

Well, I gotta get myself moving in the creative field – I have several
art journals to work in and another arrived yesterday. I began working
in one, but I really have to get mine started. I know what topic I want
to do, it is just the getting started that I find hard. Once I am away
there will be no stopping me.

My verse for today is Acts 17:28
For in Him we live, and move, and have our being.

So Lord let me see my creative being in the light of You – and let others see You shine from my work.

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