Cooking and Art

I have actually managed to get creative over the past couple of days.
It’s been great, the children have been playing outside – they have
devised some game under a pohutakawa tree at the end of the house. They
are spending hours out there – popping in briefly to find food. After
Nathan made the chocolate cake for Azzan yesterday – it actually turned
into 4 large teddy bear shaped muffins – it got eaten so fast that
Shoshannah decided she needed to make some more. It is quite
interesting how two children can use the same recipe and come up with
such totally different results. Maybe one follows the instructions and
the other gets creative!! Azzan wnted to help her but she insisted he
go wash his hands because he had been catching flies (he’s a boy, don’t
ask!) Anyway, he went and washed up and came back showing off his clean
hands telling us they were now all squeaky clean!

Shoshannah decided to make pizza for lunch. She did a brilliant job.
However I came upon her trying to slide an uncooked pizza from the
bench onto the oven tray complete with all the topping. She hadn’t
thought that maybe it would’ve been better to actually construct it on
the tray to begin with!! It was most appreciated by the troops at
lunchtime. Considering she is only 8 years old she does amazingly well.
I don’t have to supervise her at all – I do suggest along the way that
she cleans up her mess, as she usually creates quite a large one

the children have been so busy I have had time to actually find my
creative spirit again and have gotten some journals done and have begun
some cards for a swap I thought would be fun to join. I completed 
a spread in this journal which is part of a round robin I have joined –
it had a ‘white’ theme. It is actually quite tricky but very
interesting to think and work mono-chromatically when you are used to
using lots of colour.


Also did a page in this A2Z journal which I was given to work in while
in California. The pages ahve already been constructed with letters of
the alphabet so we choose which pages we want to add to, embellish and
alter. I chose J. I may do more later as the inspiration hits.

Then I made a really good start on my own journal for the round robin. My theme is Impressions of Mexico. P9210001
was really pleased with it. I have chosen a calendar style journal so
it free stands. The title words are a bit hard to read in the photo as
they are on the bottom layer.  I finsihed up my day gluing
serviettes onto card in preparation for making cards tomorrow. But
before I did that I got side tracked into labeling all my unmounted
stamp containers. I was getting frustrated because I wanted to find 2
stamps today and had to check through all the containers as the labels
are now on the wrong ends after moving them into my new cupboards that
Cat built for my craft gear. Now, they are all labelled so I can see
them. So all in all it has been quite a satisfying day.

Had fun
with my boys today – Man!! give me girls any day over adolecent boys.
Had to get stroppy and tell them what I was going to do to them both if
they didn’t stop baiting each other. They are all of 15 and 10 – well
nearly 16 & 11 – and should know better. They are both as bad as
each other. Lovely boys apart but together they just can’t control
their tongues – each one trying to get one up on the other and neither
of them prepared to back down or be the first to stop. It would be
better if they were the same size and age and then at least they could
get rid of it all physically!! I know I have been through this before
and I know it won’t last – but give me a break!!

Spoke with
Cat tonight and she and Jesika have worked a 12 hour day today pulling
weeds on the hillside, planning on doing the same tomorrow – she was
tallying up the $$ they’d earnt today. I have spent a lot of time today
on the phone with insurance agents, boat yard guys etc, helping to
organise things for her boat. She is hoping to get it in the water in a
few weeks and bring it home so there are a lot of loose ends to tie up.
I think with this and all her other projects she is going to be one
busy lady for a while.

I am trying to get the invitations to
Anson’s 21st party finished so I can print tham off and post them
tomorrow. I know I will be pushing it but I guess I can send them out
with Cat on Sunday if I don’t get them all finished. She is driving my
Mum to Christchurch and will be taking the opportunity to pick up stuff
for her boat from the previous owner and also get a few days work with
friends down there.

Life is never still around here

4 thoughts on “Cooking and Art

  1. The journals and my card making are my sanity, my release from the stresses of life.The most stressful part of them is the taking of photos afterwards – they never do them justice which is most frustrating. Rang for the price of a new scnner today and found that if I buy a good one AND buy a suite of software I will be set back around $2000NZ.So I guess, I will just tottle on with my trusty wee digital camera in the mean time.Summer is starting, a bit blustery at times but definitely warmer temps. I also thought it strange to hear you were shut inside with the children on a wet grotty day yesterday!!

  2. I’ve been busy and not taken the time to look at pictures (just reading text in a hurry) until today when you mentioned your art work. Lovely! Cat’s yacht is gorgeous too! You have such a lively, interesting, fun family.

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