Cleaning and sorting

Today, being the first day of the official state school holidays was
designated on my calendar as THE day to clean up the school room.

While I was overseas my darling 18yr old Brianna had done some
alterations to the house. By removing cupboards etc she had made more
room in the living area but had junked up my school room. I have been
home now nearly 3 weeks and my wee darlings have been asking and asking
when we are going to do school again. So Nuana and I got in there this
morning and we had a great time. Sorted out all the boxed up books. We
got over the problem of the little ones spreading books everywhere a
while back by boxing up most of the books and only allowing them to
have a few out at a time. So every now and then they have a change over
and get out some ‘new’ books. Today I wanted to sort through boxes that
Brianna had piled in there to find stray libray books – I found quite a
few!! So they had a change over of books and I was able to consolidate
at the same time. Biffed out a few and lots of clothes that had been
stashed in there too. My school room is also the dumping and storage
area!! The trouble with a large old house is that there is no built in
cupboards so very little storage space. I have to get quite creative as
to where to put things and I also have to be on top of the continual
mess build up otherwise it gets totally out of control.

After a few hours and a full rubbish bin we completed the job and now
am ready to start something serious in there – like reading and maths
etc. But, unfortunately I have to get busy and do the accounts and gst
in the next two days and then go to town and then there will be
visitors, so can’t see anything major going on for a few weeks more.

Nuana took the 3 little folk for a walk and picnic around to her
parents camp site at lunch time. So they had a great walk and got lots
of fresh air. I managed to construct my prototype card for the swap I
joined. Jesika and Cat arrived back from work. Jesika immediately
hopped on a neighbours fizz boat and went fishing for a few hours. He
had come to borrow Cat’s diving tanks. Nathan cooked a delicious dinner
tonight. Roast stuffed chicken and roast veges. He made the stuffing
himself and it was delicious.

Jesika stayed for dinner, decided it sounded better than going home to
cold cereal!! While we were having dinner I realised that I could hear
someone snoring. I hadn’t even noticed Azzan had disappeared. He had
put his head down and was bottom up on his chair beside me and was
sound asleep. All that fresh air and a good long walk was too much for
him. Mahalia was pretty tired too. Shannie was still perculating well –
not a lot tires her out. 

The phone was supposed to be fixed on Friday, the fixit guy found a
faulty card in the radio hut. But today it has begun playing up again
so goodness knows what the problem is now. Most frustrating.
Cat is leaving early in the morning to drive my Mum down to
Christchurch so I am off to bed a bit earlier tonight so I can be up
bright and early to see her off.

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