Well, the day started off well. Tim wanted to make an early start on mussel work so he was out the door by 7:30am to go pick up Jesika and get into it. So I got the boys up early than they would normally be up – it actually wasn’t that early but they like to sleep in if they can. Got cleaned up and Seb attacked his school work. I am trying to get his maths up to speed because he is really going to need it if he wants to get into engineering or mechanics. The younger children were playing games. I got Nuana to give the linen cupbaord a spring clean. We have a phantom rat at the moment – we find where he has been and we hear him/her but we have failed to trap him – he is really elusive and driving us totally insane. He has eaten his way through walls and under doors. He has munched thick plastic container lids and silicon cooking trays but the only food we can entice him with is pumpkin seeds – and even those get turned down if there any slight bit of poison anywhere.

I pleaded with Shoshanah to think where abouts the ellusive library books could be and in 5 minutes flat she had found them hiding in a box in her room!!!

I attacked my study with a vengance. Managed to clear the piles of paper work and file everything in hopefully the right places. By lunch time I had had enough of crazy kids and noise so got Nuana to take the two little folk for a walk. I settled in to start coding the accounts, then I realised I had been sent an updated list of codes so thought I would be good and change them myself to save paying the accountants staff to do it. I still had to make several calls to his secretary and then I was chugging along doing really well and all of a sudden the maintainence chart went haywire. I am not sure what happen but it went berserk and thengs were zipping all over the place and when it finally stopped all my codes were a mess.

I sat a cried my heart out for quite a while. Then I took a few big breaths, tried to calm down and phoned her again for help. She knew straight away that things were not right. So I emailed it all to her and said you do it!! So much for trying to save money. Anyway, we will see how much time and money it takes for her to do the two monthly gst and then I will decide whether I will hand it over. Tim is very keen for me to as he sees how stressful it makes my life. I know I have to do it and I get so frustrated because the little people want and need me.

Mahalia was asking me this morning when we would be doing school again cause she missed school. So I sat her down with me while I ate my breakfast and read through one of her early Clifford readers and got her to point out 2 words that I taught her and then read along with me. She was very happy with that and tonight before dinner she was sitting practising some letters and was very delighted because she had done a ‘perfect m’.

I spent some time before dinner copying CD’s of Jesika’s pictures from her trip last yer with Seb and Cat so Seb can get on with his project. Hopefully tomorrow he can make some progress on it.

I am being interviewed for a stamping website that I am part of – as Artist of the Week in November – so I made a start on writing up the interview tonight and sent through some photos.
Once again it is late and I am not in bed.
It really is crazy, when I am doing well and my energy levels are good I tend to burn the candle at both ends. Then after a while I need catch up sleep!!

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