Chitter chatter

Well, today I had decided I wasn’t going to the mothers prechoolers day next door because I had the gst to do. Then that changed overnight, but discovered my car is over at Jesika’s and had flat batteries. So wasn’t going anywhere. However the decision this morning was that everyone comes here to me – so that’s great. So it has been a great occasion to get everyone moving in a clean up.
Got Nathan to clean toilets and hand basins. Shoshannah cleaned up her room and then swept out the wash house and outside concrete. Nuana vacuumed all through the house. Mahalia cleaned her room and tidied up all the random gumboots and footwear scattered all about. Azzan helped as he could.

While I was making soup and muffins he was chattering away to me about finding all his Winnie the Pooh books and how because he had found them all I could now give him the 2nd set like I had promised months ago – (Man! has that boy got a good memory!!).

He then went on to say that little children like Winnie the Pooh and Clifford books and I said to him “Are you a children?”. He laughed and said “Of course not, I’m a child”. I said “How do you know that?” He replied “Lots of little boys and girls are children but only one is a child.”

I was pretty impressed at his reasoning here – he is only 3 years old. In fact I am very impressed at some of the vocabulary I am hearing from him these days. The words he uses are so grown up. Yesterday he was talking about conquerors. And he will say in converstation “I suppose that she could do this or that” or “That is particularly good”

Mahalia went up to help clean out the playhouse with Nuana and Shoshannah and 2 minutes later I heard her crying very loudly. She is a bit of a drama queen so I usually wait until she appears to assess the damage, she had slipped and grazed her ankle. So after Tim got off the phone I heard him go see to her needs – (My treatment is usually a cold face cloth on the wound unless it requires anything more serious). He plays the fool with the children and jollys them out of their miseries so I could hear him sky larking around and then Azzan came out and commented with a big sigh, “I am tired of Dad being silly”!!


Well it is now nearly dinner time and my house has been full and extra busy with 6 extra women and 4 extra wee folk. One wee man was a real dynamite and created havoc every which way he went. He was like a non-stop tornedo. Being an active 19monther it was pretty predictable. However after the first 10mins of him arriving Azzan said to me, shaking his head “He really shouldn’t make all that mess should he?” I thought wow! I am out of touch with wee people. Azzan is growing up so fast. It is not really that long ago that I had all my art stuff behind a play pen fence but by the time the play pen fell to peices he as old enough to know better than to touch my things.
We fed the children lunch on the verandah – I think the cats did pretty well out of it cause there was a fair bit of food scattered about by two busy wee boys!!

It was really cool to have everyone here because we don’t get to see each other very often. Distances to travel and busy lives curtail too much socialising which is really sad. We used to rely on each other so much more but now everyone is too busy just coping with life.

Now everyone is tired and ready for an early dinner and bed.

2 thoughts on “Chitter chatter

  1. I love listening to little ones talk. Thanks for letting us hear Azzan. I think youngest children have the advantage of picking up so much vocabulary from their siblings without having anyone still baby talking to younger ones around them. I think the downside is sometimes things don’t get explained to younger ones because you have explained everything so many times already. Good thing they pick most of it up.

  2. I’m enjoying peeks into your life. When you have a lot of people living in a space, it gets a lot of wear. I sometimes think it would be fun to have a time lapse camera going when people are around here. The kitchen alone gets cleaned up and messed up many times a day.

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