Another Yuck Day

Well, not too much to tell about Tuesday. It was yuck!. Rain, wind. The weather turned to the south which in turn prevented the masses from crossing the Cook Stait. I did hear at one stage about 5000 people were stuck on the Wellington side. The Interislander ferry Kaitaki which should take 3 hours to cross took 11 hours. It had to shelter in Clifford Bay and even then it was rocking about in 9metre swells.

Tim went over to Waterfall. He started to demolish the upstairs bathroom in preperation for the builders coming next week. Mum hadn’t been to see the alterations from last year so she went for the ride. I was feling so absolutely out of it that I went back to bed before lunch. I am so tired that I cannot move out of my own way plus my teeth were throbbing so bad. The dentist had a good go at them last week so I don’t know if it is the settling down or if they are getting reved up again

Got up 3 hours later but didn’t last long. Just felt sick and achey. Went back to bed and let the others feed themselves. Got up about 7pm and watched ‘Black Books’ with the older kids. It is a UK TV series – absolutely hilarious, a drunken, cigarette addicted, foul tempered Irishman called Bernie Black who owns a bookshop. A long haired left over hippie called Mannie who keeps it altogether and Fran the girl next door.

I have woken this morning to an absolutely flat calm glorious morning – I am still feeling yuck but hopefully the day will improve. The children are all suffering from tired syptoms too. Mahalia has a runny blocked nose, Shannie a sore throat…lets hope they don’t get any worse.
At the moment Azzan is standing behind me combing my hair – he loves to comb, brush, mangle and knot up my hair whenever he catches my sitting down. Just as well I have a hard head!

Better go put my best foot forward and try to be positive about the day

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