Town again :-(

Well, my teeth got worse by Wed and I had to resort to taking Panadol. That’s pretty major for me because I do not take pain killers. By the 3rd lot in the evening they really weren’t working too well so yesterday morning I phoned the dentist at 8am and they had an appointment at 11:30am. I dropped everything and took off to town. The journey takes around 3 hours so no mucking about to get there on time. Spent about 1.5 hours in his chair and had the roots removed from one tooth. Am now hoping the other will settle down.

I am up this morning at 5am because my jaw was aching so bad so thought I would catch up on mail etc. The dentist had to do one heck of a lot of numbing to deaden the tooth as it was so inflamed so it will take a day or so to quieten. It is heaps better than it was yesterday morning though so here’s hoping.

I had a few hours after the dentist catching up with a special friend. She is normally so busy that we have just been passing each other in whirlwinds for quite sometime. However having just attained the wonderful age of 50 she is now taking stock of her life and reassessing priorities. We spent about 3 hours just chatting over a late lunch. It was great.

Haven’t really been up to playing in my art corner much lately because of all this and the party an’ all so while I was in town I popped in and bought some art supplies – gotta make the most of these trips eh?? Bought some large canvas’s and paints. I am discovering that behind Nuana’s quiet and shy exterior she is hiding some great art talent. I am commissioning her to do painting for a mutual friend of ours who is going through an extremely difficult marriage break up. Along with many other despicable things her ex broke into her house and stole every item including all her paintings. I thought I would also challenge myself to do a large collage for her too. I need challenges to get me going and I know she would love it. If only to fill the gaps on the walls

My Mum looked after the children while I was in town because Tim & older crew were cattle mustering. I discovered this morning that Mahalia AND Azzan walked around to the Sparrows bach on their own to play with Andrew & Tracey’s wee lass Josie. Wow! my baby is growing up so fast. It is about 2 miles and he has walked there before but always with an adult. He said to me that there were different Sparrows there this time!! He is used to seeing the 3 children who came in over the holidays (Louisa’s 3) but now some of the other cousins are coming more regularly he is discovering that there are more children in the equation.

Anson was given some lovely presents for his birthday – so now he has to try and get some thank you letters written before leaving. He is trying to convince me that I could type them up on the computer for him. He asked Granny if he had to write to her seeing as she was here and he could thank her in person. I said that yes he did have to, and Granny commented that if he did she would frame it You can tell how much he enjoys applying pen to paper!!

Here is a photo of his truck sporting the personalised number plates Tim & gave him for his birthday. He’s got them dirty already!!
PA250003 PA250002

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