More animals!

Saturday was a cleaning day.
Ruby cleaned all three bathrooms – something good about having a clean bathroom Anson cleaned out his caravan – we call it his apartment, and packed up his ute. He left to go visit his old boss in Nelson and then over to Blenheim to stay a short night with my Mum. He had a 4am start as he had to load on to the Interislander ferry at 5am today. Thankfully he had a good crossing and is now on his way up the North Island back to work. Ruby gave the caravan a good clean out and moved in for the coming week.

Seb was sick, there seems to have been some bugs left here from the party guests. Several of the young ones have developed heavy colds and some of us have had headaches etc but I think so far Seb has copped it the worst. He’s looking a bit better this morning.

I sent Nuana off with my camera to take photos as she is still trying to decide on her subject for the painting. I think we will have to make the decision for her soon or it will never get started!

I took some photos of the cabbage tree out front of our house. It is very beautiful at the moment as it is flowering. Glad I took the photo yesterday while the sun was shining because today we are experiencing yet another wild wet and windy stormy day. Cat went to work this morning but had to come back as it was too dangerous to harvest in this wind.

She bought another wee critter home with her yesterday, her work mate had caught him while out pig hunting. Boris has now joined the menagerie.
I commented to Azzan that the place was turning into a zoo. He said ‘This is not a zoo. Zoo’s are in town. This is Port Ligar’!
The children introduced all the new comers – Pea, Boris and Possum. Then possum was introduced to apples and lemons. He loved them both and was not too thrilled with Cat when she showed Ruby how they hang by their tails and use them as an extra foot. The lemon dropped and he got quite frantic about getting it back.
PA280016 PA280013_1

Jesika’s has been away for past few days working on a neighbouring farm – helping with docking. So JoDee from US has been holding the fort at her place. She commented to me on Friday that there was a dead critter on the path as she was heading down to the mailboat. I asked if it was a possum but, she assured me that it wasn’t. I managed to sort out that yes indeed it was a possum – not the opossum variety that she knew of from the States – the more ugly variety. Our possums are imports from the Land of Oz and are deadly to the native bush and transmit tetanus in some places but they are very cute as you can see here.

Cat and Tim are trying to get the boat shed sorted and the trolley strengthened so Alibi can be put up on the slip. Cat is getting very anxious about getting to work on completing her. This is the trolley – wheels off ready to be put in a stronger position, beams needing to be turned and moved and steel supports added to make it safe enough to bring her ashore.
Looks like a bit of work ahead but Tim feels it will be better in the long run than working at the wharf. At least it will be under cover and stable.

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