Stormy Sunday

We have just had a humdinger of a storm here today.
It rained and it blew and it nearly blew the house down – well actually not that bad but I couldn’t resist being poetic

Then around dinner time it cleared and the evening sun is now shining and the bay looks so beautiful. There was a lovely rainbow too. Still a bit gusty out there but the rain has left the place feeling like it has been washed clean.

Tonight I was reading to the 3 little children. Normally their Dad reads night stories but he had scarpered off somewhere. I read a couple of picture books and then I began to open ‘The Caravan Children’ by Enid Blyton. The girls love to have a chapter each night. As soon as I opened the book Azzan went ‘Ring, ring’, I tried to hold him still so he wouldn’t wriggle away. But again ‘Ring, ring’ and this time he wriggled off the bed and said ‘My phone’s ringing, I have to answer it’!! Talk about modern children. He doesn’t like to sit still listening to the girls stories so this time he was quite ingenious with his excuse I thought.

Watched Million Dollar Baby tonight – not my choice – bit of a strange movie. And now – the rain is coming down once again!! Great for the farm as long as the wind doesn’t counter balance the benefits.

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