Today was Monday – ALL day!
I had such good intentions to get some school work done but by the time I had made some phone calls (about educational issues to do with Correspondence School), written an email back to the CEO of the Correspondence School – man it was a good reply too – and then a went out to get family and helpers organised -I came back to the study and inadvertently deleted my email – I was SO angry at myself – I would not be surprised if I was heard way over in Timbuktu when I screamed in frustration

Once I had calmed down I managed to rewrite it with help from another concerned friend, and sent it before I could lose it again. Let’s see if it takes 13 days for him to reply this time.

The children have been really titchy with each other, not too sure why. It is most interesting watching their personalities developing and how they each deal with frustrations and anger. Some not so well

Azzan has been very stroppy with me – consequently was disciplined severely several times today. Had to chuckle though as the first time I sent him to the bathroom to await his come-uppance all of a sudden he had an urge to go to the toilet. He then apologised so nicely with a big hug that he missed out on the full deal. Didn’t work the second time!!

When Tim realised I was writing this tonight he began to give me a run down on his doings for the day – ‘well, I managed to muster two mobs of sheep, got a little bit more done to the trolley, Satoshi finished some mussel ropes……’ I sorta got the feeling that he had a rather frustrating day and felt he hadn’t accomplished too much. I’m sure he did though but somedays you just feel like you are going hither and thither and nothing of worth gets accomplished.

Ruby cleaned all my windows this morning, Nuana did some craft work with Azzan – he was very happy with his dragon puppet. Cat is working but harvesting is off for 3 days due to the 50mm rainfall yesterday.

Seb was amazing this morning, when I got off the phone the first time he was rallying the children to get outside and clean up the deck, then he got them into their rooms and helped them do a huge clean up. He is a character – either full on or full stop! Great help though when he gets motivated.

Nathan and Shannie were busy getting old rabbit hutches & pens cleaned out and fixed up. Nathan for the lamb and Shannie in preparation for her chickens.

Azzan was showing Cat the puppet he had made and said
‘Nuana and me made this.’
Cat said ‘Nuana and I made it.’
‘No’ said Azzan
‘An ‘i’ is something in somebody’s name’.

I actually made a card today. I am in an art group and one of the ladies send out images to us each month on the proviso that we make an item from at least one of the images. Once we have posted a pic of that piece of art then we are eligible to receive the next months images. Great scheme to get us motivated and creating. Well, October is nearly finished and I hadn’t managed to make anything so today I made this card and I am delighted with it.

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  1. I think sometimes kids atitudes are affected by changing weather. That and business. Sounds like you have had alot of both. Once it is all nice outside all the time they will calm down I bet. Either that or waste their energy outside:)

  2. Yes, I think parental time is vital in determining moods. I actually stopped and read to them before dinner because the behaviour patterns were so obviously demanding me. The weather – well maybe the fickleness of our spring is telling on them! But I do find they are really crazy – on a lovely day I can’t get them outside and as soon as the rain starts they are off out to play!

  3. I am *so* loving this insight into your life and your family, it’s all so much more fabulous IRL than I had imagined it. You are truly an amazing family, in an amazing place, living an amazing life – long may it continue to have glimpses posted here for us all to swwon over, lol! Deb

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