A day out.

Azzan and I went for a drive today. It was around an hour each way to get an assessment done on my 4WD. On the way around I was anticipating seeing Cat’s work boat out on the water and then all of a sudden she came around the corner towards me. I slammed on the brakes and did a great skid into the water table. Cheeky wench sat there with a big smile on her face and said ‘Look at that skid – I think you need to slow down a bit’!! I no doubt will get beans about it later.

I decided to make the most of the day and spent a lovely few hours with a couple of local ladies – in the 11 years that one of them has lived here I have never once been to her home. Shocking eh!? Anyway, we made up for that today as I visited for quite a few hours.

On the way around Azzan was chatting away and at one point we were discussing cattle. This was after stopping to admire 2 gorgeous Highland cattle through the fence beside the llamas. He was establishing what you call different cattle. So I told him that bull’s are daddy cattle, cows are mothers and calves are the babies.

He said ‘then cattle must be friends with whales’.
I wasn’t quite sure where this random thought had come from so asked why.
He said –
‘to my mind….
whales have calves too.’

Not as random as I thought!

He was so good at Val’s house. Sat on my knee for ages until he finally decided the trunk was a great place to find treasure. He really enjoyed playing with the bead necklaces and earrings and a very noisy plastic cell phone. On the way home he dropped off to sleep – I had to listen to the radio instead, so not too much intellectual conversation.

The bad news waited till the end of the day – the rust is too bad and will be quite extensive to repair, so my poor ole Nissan Safari will have to find a new home or be retired to a farm hack.

The day started a bit scuddy but turned out glorious.
I couldn’t resist stopping to take a few photos on the way home to share. It is so beautiful here. One of my favourite views is north-westward across the bottom of D’Urville Island.

This is further towards home looking north – our farm is at the very end of this headland.

Then coming down our farm road looking east through our bush.

Shannie had an industrious day making cards and painting her creations – she makes amazing 3D collages out of flotsam and jetsam. Tim spent most of the day out on the water doing mussel work. Nathan spent the day cooking and has made a delicious dinner for 13 of us – honeyed chicken, wedges, pumpkin & feta salad, (I added broccoli salad for a bit of extra greenery) and fruit and custard for desert. Not bad for an 11 year old eh?

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