Seb’s Birthday and Alibi’s Berth day

Happy Birthday Sebastian

Seb went to Nelson today with Nathan/Herb to bring his car home. It needs work done to it so he can sell it.
Cat spent all morning getting Alibi up on the trolley.
She towed beautifully back from Waterfall Bay behind the dinghy.
It was quit an act.
Getting the rails just right.
Catching the tide
Keeping the boat in the right place – Josiah was dumped off on the raft to hold a rope, I was holding the rope on wharf, Tim was pulling from the shed, Cat was diving up and under and around to make sure it was all going where it should. The water was really murky which made the job harder.
Tim was directing from the shed – just a bit this way, no! a bit more thata way!!
Cat was pretending she was a monkey!
Finally Alibi was just in the right place.

After lunch Cat was on the go again. I could hear the scrub cutter buzzing away and found her busy at it above the house.

We cooked a delicious dinner for Seb and then had to wait until he got back from Nelson. He arrived at 7pm – roast chicken and potatoes and kumara and a real mans salad – full of all sorts of yummy fresh veggies
And yes, that is right – you can see a lovely pink beaded necklace on Josiah – he had to wear it all through dinner

Then – the cake – Nathan baked the cake and decorated it.

Seb masquerading as Darth Vader in his new welding helmet.

Jesika, Azzan & Mahalia being cheesey for the camera!

3 thoughts on “Seb’s Birthday and Alibi’s Berth day

  1. berth |b?r?| noun 1 a ship’s allotted place at a wharf or dock. verb [ trans. ] 1 moor (a ship) in its allotted place : Actually, I was using berth slightly incorrectly but more in a poetic state – cuz actually it was being put up in the shed so Cat can work on it. She has lots of finishing work to do before it is ready to sail.Kumara is our sweet potato introduced by the Maori to NZ – very yummy – there are quite a few in our family who cannot eat potato but we can eat kumara instead. It has very health giving properties, one of which is that you cannot get fat eating kumara – unlike potato. That is unless you load it with butter and other garnishings!

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