Lazy Sunday

We had a fairly slow day today.

Tim turned on the radio early and found that the All Blacks were playing the Welsh in the last rugby match of the tour. So I ended up listening to the whole game – it was really exciting. The All Blacks totally trashed the Welsh 45-10. Serves ’em right really for being spastic about the All Blacks perform ing the haka – it actually became quite a focal point of the game commentary because no-one realised it wasn’t going to happen until it didn’t!!

The weather turned very wet and stormy. Nuana came around to visit – she came down Friday with her father to set up the campsite for their family summer holiday.

Had church meeting around lunch time so lunch was around 2pm.

We then decided to watch a movie – had to show all the others ‘Strictly Ballroom’ and then we watched ‘Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest’. Cat & Seb got home from work in the midst of the first movie.

So that pretty much wiped out the day.
Had a very casual Sunday night dinner.

Exciting day really – not!
But kinda cosy and restful. Much needed methinks.

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