I was up early again today – two little girls were out in the sitting room playing with their dolls before 6am!
I spent most of the first 3 hours in the study and then arrived out in the kitchen to find 3 young males still eating breakfast – at 9:30am!

So I got the whip out and started cracking things along. Got results – the house was cleaned up in next to no time and dinner was prepared, well mostly by lunch time.
Nathan taught Josiah how to clean a bathroom and then both boys were relegated to a bathroom each. Seb was designated the living area and got most of it presentable – in between doing major surgery on the mouse. At the moment the children are swapping the good mouse between their computers. Seb really just wanted an excuse to see what was in it to make it go. It has totally died now so I will have to buy a new one tomorrow.

Finally got to have a sit down with Josiah and had a good talk about things and his future etc. He certainly has improved in leaps and bounds over past couple of days. Two days ago we were ready to pack his bags for him. Since our talk this morning he has been 100% better in his attitude. I have got him studying his road code so he can sit his learners licence at next opportunity in town. He also asked me if I had any English and Maths stuff he could study to get his literacy levels up. Great stuff, now I will have to go have a dig in my school room and see what I can find for him.

What do two young fellas do to entertain themselves on a Thursday night out in the boon docks??

Well, it is amazing what antics can happen when 3 juggling balls are introduced into the equation-!! From lying flat on their backs and juggling vertically to throwing balls at each other without looking at where they are going while lying flat on the floor. And this is the generation of the future – scary

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