Wet & Wild Wednesday

Tim left around 6am to go get fuel from Elaine Bay. I had told the guys if it was raining to stay in bed – but it didn’t start raining until they had come down for breakfast! So the walk to Waterfall Bay to garden for Jesika was canned.

However, Brianna found a very good wet day job for Yuji & Josiah to do. They spent all morning up in the attic cleaning out the children’s toys and then sorting gallons of Lego from all the rubbish. We have been gathering Lego since Anson was little so there is about 15 years worth up there and it was all mixed with some cheaper brands which don’t build together so good plus heaps of other toys.
They brought bins of stuff down and then spent ages at the kitchen table sorting it all out. Each time the children came near and started to poke about in the rubbish Brianna would send them off to watch a video-!!

The Croft folk left early so I shot around to get the linen to wash and then Anna & Ben went around and cleaned it as there were more folk arriving today.

My friends Cathy & Maurice called in again. They had had a fairly rocky night on their yacht and had moved anchor across the bay several times to try and find a calm spot.

This afternoon we all watched ‘Annie. A Royal Encounter’. Ben & Josiah passed up the movie and fixed the door of the kayak shed instead. The day had improved immensely by this time so the children were told to go outside. I was really weary so hopped on to my bed for a rest but Tim arrived home and then the phone rang so I gave up any ideas of staying there too long. Tim had taken the fuel down to Jesika’s and then got side tracked getting the washing machine going and other fix-it jobs – hence arriving home at 5pm instead of 10am!!

Later this afternoon while the children were busy Anna & I got up into the attic and finished off the job and Shoshannah helped us sort out all the soft toys. I decided they have too many and they can go to some other children. The attic is now lovely and tidy.

Brianna, Sarah and Granny went to Jesika’s for dinner so there was only a small number to feed here tonight – 10 of us! Easy dinner which was good.

We were sent some really interesting old photos and diary pages today, from a fishing trip to Port Ligar taken by some men from Canterbury in 1953. Here is a photo of Tim when he was about 4, his sister Lorraine and his father Jack.
Pelorus Diary 1953949
Cute wasn’t he? Tim I mean

4 thoughts on “Wet & Wild Wednesday

  1. Oops – I replied to you while setting up Shannie’s BirdGirlNZ!Glad you found her though We never had Lego until Anson was around ealy school age and he was fine-motor-skill challenged and I was recommended to get him using it to develop those skills. When I bought it Cat pounced on it, he wasn’t really that interested. To this day he has not been that thrilled with it and still has not developed those skills!! You can lead a horse………

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