Fishing, picnics and waterfalls

This morning Tim and the guys went round to Bush Inn and mowed the grass and fixed a gate – the Sparrow family are due in today so he thought he would get things tidied up for them.

Then around midday we left on the boat for a picnic at Penguin Island.

Brianna picked my friend Andrea from Waterfall Bay and then we steamed off out. It was quite choppy and spray was flying about – periodically wetting us, but we all voted to carry on across to D’Urville Island as it looked much calmer over there. And it was. We fished for our lunch and then went ashore.
PC290009 PC290011 PC290012 PC290014

Penguin Island beach is our family’s favouritist place to go for a picnic. There is a lovely beach, when the tide is in there is a lagoon and when the tide is out it is safe enough to swim at the beach. Then there is the waterfall!
PC290021 PC290023_1 PC290032
Tim & Graham cooked the fish over a fire. We all ate our fill and lazed about while the children played in the creek.

Then we activated and scrambled up the creek, under trees, up banks of loose rock and tree debris, over slippery mossy rocks and up and under and over logs the floods have deposited over time. Granny was thrilled to bits that she made it right up to the waterfall. Tim was close by to ensure she and Azzan made it all the way safely.
PC290033 PC290035 PC290038
Josiah & Yuji both swam in the pool beneath the falls. I discovered that it is best to not turn my flash off on the camera – darn it! Most of the photos I took there are just fuzzy blurs
The view as we walked back down was lovely

When we got back the tide had gained and the lagoon was getting bigger and where our campfire had been was under water.
The children had heaps of fun playing in the lagoon – Nathan enjoyed terrorising the little girls – until Brianna got back at him and dumped him in the tide – Brothers!

We didn’t leave the beach until after 5pm and then Tim fished at various spots on the way home. It was very choppy and we were threatening that if he didn’t get moving we would all throw up-!! At one stop there was a very loud outburst of tears from Azzan – thankfully Mahalia was able to interpret as he was too distraught – his sun hat had blown over the side. After a lot of manoeuvring Brianna & Nathan snagged it and got it onboard. He was very happy – ‘I loved that hat so much’!!

Just after we got home we had a visit from the float plane. It was dropping folk off to stay in the Cottage but had gotten lost and landed up near Waterfall Bay and had motored all the way along the shore. We haven’t had a float plane in here for many many years so it was a real novelty.

It was really late when we got home and after her bath (which to her disgust wasn’t very warm because the fire hadn’t been going all day to heat the water) Shannie had reached the end of her tether and was sitting on my knee crying with tiredness. Azzan said ‘someone needs to wipe away her tears.’
Brothers can be sweet sometimes-!!

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