Last Saturday of 2006!

Today was the first day I have actually felt warm enough to wear some summer clothing since leaving Mexico. Amazing really considering the forecast was for hail and lightening and rain and cold….

It was a beautiful day – I hung out a huge amount of washing and it all dried very quickly. We did get a quick change in the weather around mid afternoon – the rain came in and it looked like the front was here – and then a few moments later it was all over and the sun was shining again.

I think it must have zipped up the east coast – heard reports of flooding in Timaru and really cold grotty weather in Christchurch – we sure have missed it so far.

The children – big & small – all went swimming. Tim & the guys did some fence fixing and are working towards getting the bulldozer working so they can begin getting out trees to mill.

I managed to get dinner prepared this morning which was great because this arvo Andrea and Ross arrived and Ross spent ages sorting out my computers. He is an Apple man and a good friend so I love it when he comes to play I am so hopeless when it comes to knowing what to do – but I am learning and after today’s lesson I now know how RAM and hard drives work and how the speed is affected by them etc. etc!

We have been cleaning out cupboards and the attic etc and boxing up stuff as we go so I can take it out to town and donate it to whatever good cause wants it all. I must be making progress around here because Andrea commented that she felt the house had a sense of order to it unlike when they used to come visit years back!!!

Ross showed me this neat photo – it was taken recently and shows the centre of New Zealand and you can see where we live – At the very top of the South Island in the centre of the picture you can see D’Urville Island – we live just to the right at the end of that little penninsula – cool eh?!

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