Well, how can I summarise my weekend in just a few words.
Can’t really. So you will just have to put up with lots of words.

Mahalia & I had a good trip to Nelson, 2.5hrs with no sicky stops. Had a yummy breakfast to fortify ourselves for the day and then zipped around doing jobs, dropped off Mahalia at Nuana’s before my 2 hour dentist appointment. That went smoothly, almost went to sleep in the chair! Spent the afternoon sorting out printers and computers. Got a fabulous new printer for 1/2 price. Right place at the right time! Computer has to have a part ordered so picked it up and will take it back next week. Can’t possibly be without it that long

Popped into see Tim’s bro Martin & Sylvia. He had just come out of hosp so I wanted to see how he was doing. Found Seb & Jesika there too. They had come out early – don’t think I was sposed to know they were in town! Mind you, Sylvia was the only one who was acting suspiciously – she’s not too good at keeping secrets!

Stayed the night with John & Sally. Had a very restless sleep and woke feeling blah – not a good start to my birthday. After a shower and a quick breakfast I shot into town for a haircut. While there I was discussing foils with Lucie. She said ‘Want me to put some in now? I have time’ So why not. 1.5hrs later I came out with 3 extra colours streaked through my hair and feeling gorgeous Zipped about and got all the shopping done in record time. Back to motel to change and be ready by 12:30pm. Then hung about waiting for someone to pick me up. Seb finally arrived at 1:20. He was late and traffic had slowed him even more.

Anyway, he careened around the streets and finally ended up hooning up a narrow track and pulled up outside a gorgeous old historic house – Melrose House – stopped and said ‘This is your party – get out and enjoy!’

So, I did.

It was amazng. There were people everywhere. And all afternoon people were coming in the doors. Some I hadn’t seen for over 30 years, some had come from as far north as Auckland and as far south as Invercargill & Stewart Island. Jesika catered for the whole party, food kept on coming out but I was too busy to eat much. I hadn’t had lunch as I had been told I was going to a winery for lunch so by the end of the day I was pretty darn hungry

At 4pm Jesika bought out a 3 tiered birthday cake for me to cut. By 6pm the crowds were beginning to thin out and the crew was cleaning up. It was a fabulous day but I was exhausted at the end of it.

It was very moving to have such a lot of folk who felt they loved me enough to come so far to help me celebrate my 50th birthday. I would also like to pay a huge compliment to Jesika for the fantastic job she did. Apparently she has been planning this for over a year now and managed to keep 99.9% of it a secret from me. A major undertaking some would say

I didn’t take many photos of the day so you will have to wait until I find someone who has. In the mean time here are some I have taken.
Jesika and her best friend Sasha.

A huge gum moth Phoebe found outside the house – on Nathan’s hand to give perspective.

Everyone was so generous and the presents filled the back of Seb’s car. I never opened them until Monday night. We had Liza, Edward & the boys around for dinner as they missed out on the party. So I waited till the children and Jesika were all there before opening them. It took me about 3 hours to open them all. Had to send the children to bed in the middle of it as it took so long.
As you can see the children were really getting into the midst of it all!!!

One of the most special gifts came from 4 wonderful Australian friends of mine. Isn’t this amazing?
You have to see it close up to really enjoy it.
made by Judy
made by Bethel
made by Rob
made by Michelle.

I will share more things as I get them photographed and sorted.
I am trying to clean out my study and bedroom over these next few days and get things in a bit more order around here because I am going away on Sat for a week – it’s all very exciting – will share that with you later

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