busy days…..

Had a busy couple of days.
Yesterday the Liz’s went over to help Jesika dung out the shed, clean the Lodge and mow lawns etc. The fridge/freezer in the Cottage broke down so I ended up having to clean out my 2nd fridge and finding room for all the stuff and sending it down for the Cottage folk to use. I also have had mountains of washing to do these past two days. Thankfully the weather has been very conducive to drying it quickly. The guys milled all day, got a log stuck over the bank and spent a looooong time trying to rescue it. Finally cut it in half and retrieved half of it. Rest left for tomorrow.

Julian & son Jonathan arrived last night. Julian is a Telecommunications expert and came down to suss out how I can get broadband internet. He managed to fit in quite a lot of fishing as well so wasn’t a wasted trip for him and he has eliminated various ways and means and found the easiest way for me to connect. So now it is up to me to follow through and sort out the paperwork and technicalities. So here’s hoping in a few weeks we will be wireless!

Today the Liz’s cleaned the hut and Croft for me and then the left after lunch to go spend a couple of nights with Cat on their way south. She is still house/farm sitting for some neighbours. Tim & Rob loaded all our wool bales on the trailer and took it up to the freight truck this morning.

I finally have a photo that my Mum took at the party of me and Jesika with my cake that she created. It was very luscious, 3 cakes and each cake was about 4 layers with fillings and then on the outside she had piped words about me – most were very appreciative

The guys had a bit of a spell from milling today, just did some tidying up and taking timber to the top of the hill and clearing the site ready for another go tomorrow. Graham took Julian & Rob out fishing this afternoon, as fishermen do they lost track of time and arrived back about 8pm. While Tim cooked the venison for dinner Seb & Jonathan had smoked all the kahawai they had caught this morning. On these summer days with such long warm evenings we seem to have dinner in relays. We now have Madeline staying so I managed to harness all the younger crew and fed them early in the hopes they would be in bed a bit earlier. Azzan was very sleepy and most happy to be tucked in whereas the two ‘M’s were very chatty and had to be silenced by separating them into two separate beds.

Am still trying to clean up my room so I can pack my bags – oh yes, I forgot – I am off to Perth on Saturday for a week. I am really excited. It is my birthday present from Tim – to go spend the week with my 3 brothers. Two of them don’t know I am coming over and as I haven’t been there for 17 years I am very thrilled to have the chance. Christine’s birthday present to me is to come around to stay and help with the children – isn’t she just lovely?? Nuana will be here too so that will take the load off Tim.

Not too sure how I will manage the 40’C temps they are getting over there at the moment!!

One thought on “busy days…..

  1. As usual, it sounds busy and productive and interesting there. I’m so happy for you that you get to go see your brothers! I hope your trip is wonderful and that your people connections are rich and good.

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