Meltdown in Perth!

I spent Friday getting sorted and packed. Nuana arrived with Shahar before lunch. Azzan was so delighted to see her that he wasn’t in the slightest bit worried about me leaving. I waited for the mail boat so I could sort the mail and greet the two new woofers and Christine. Loaded Rob into the Terano and left around 4pm. Spent the night with John & Sally in Nelson.

Saturday morning Clare took me to the airport in the Mercedes! The plane was late leaving so had nearly an hour waiting there. Got to Christchurch and found Brianna & Damaris. We hung out for a while and then we met up with Ella and the twins. Got my seat number and then enjoyed a leisurely lunch before hoping on the plane. 3.5hours later I was in Sydney. Saw the Opera House and Harbour Bridge as we flew in – never been there before so all very exciting. Spent a couple of hours meandering around the terminal and reading my book before embarking on the last leg of my journey to Perth. The flight went well. Had a lovely English lass to chat to, read my book and slept. We arrived about 30mins early which was good. Donna was there to meet me with her daughter Jasmine. Donna had told Murray that she had to go into Perth to pick Jasmine up. We went via Jasmine’s flat and collected her car and arrived at Murray & Donna’s at 11pm. Hamish had just gone to bed. Murray was sitting outside talking to Duncan and never saw me come in. I came up behind him and covered his eyes. He couldn’t guess who it was and when he saw me he just burst into tears and hugged me. He couldn’t believe I was actually here. He was in a state of shock and spent the next few hours trying to convince himself that I was real, he wouldn’t let go of my hand and didn’t want to go to bed in case I was an apparition. It is 17 years since I have been over to visit him so I guess his reaction is understandable. Anyway, we managed to get to bed around 2am – which would’ve been 7am NZ time and I had been up for 24hours.

Woke this morning to a hot day which continued to increase. By the time I had showered the 3 boys had gone to the shops. When they returned Hamish sat outside to read the paper with his morning coffee. I just went out and sat down beside him. Took him a few minutes to actually look up and register it was me. I won’t repeat what he said – but he was very surprised! We had a very chilled out morning. Murray rang Jacqui (my best friend from Renwick and school days whom I also hadn’t seen in 17 years) and suggested she should come visit so he could make her day better. She arrived at 11:30am, walked in the door, saw me, and burst into tears . I seem to have an upsetting effect on people over here J

It was soooooo cool to see her – we are going to catch up during the week as she lives not too far from here. Some friends of Murray’s, and Donna’s daughter Kimberley and 2 grandsons arrived for a BBQ. It got hotter and hotter. It felt like it had hit the 40’c mark to me!! I have been trying to drink heaps of water today but the heat has just been dehydrating me so fast. After lunch I went and had a lie down the heat and the lack of sleep was beginning to make me feel rather headachy.

Hamish arrived back with his friend Michelle so we then all hopped into Murray’s trusty rusty 1986 Toyota Land cruiser. I was told I had to drive – that was interesting. Managed to steer my way down the roads with plenty of help and suggestions from the males and then we got to a sign which said that any vehicles going onto this road would be prosecuted – you got it – that was where I was told to go. Plant boot and head up those sand hills I was told. So I did. Got a bit further on and we stopped so they could let some air out of the tires. Then Murray took the wheel and we careered around the sand tracks and onto the beach. Parked right at the top of the tide and into the surf. Because it was so hot the water felt really cold to me and I was being rather cautious about going beyond my knees when all of a sudden I got caught by a big wave and knocked clean over. That was enough – I was in. It was so fun. Biggish surf, a bit of a tide pull, trying to keep ahead of the waves. Then the lightening and thunder which had been flashing and crashing further north west moved steadily closer. It started to rain and the storm was getting to be overhead. I started walking out of the surf to ask Duncan to take a photo of the light as it was amazing, when I saw him drop to his keens. He had been leaning against the 4WD talking to Donna and the car was hit by lightening and he got hit. Quite incredible. Duncan – the accident prone bro now has another thing to add to his list. By this stage the rain was pelting so we hopped in the Toyota and headed home.

I had been tossed by a wave as I got out so was full of sand – a shower was most enjoyable. After we got back we had a surprise visit from Murray’s son Raymond. It was so cool to see him. The wind has built up and is blowing the outdoor furniture all around the deck – most impressive end to the storm. Hopefully the rain will break this heat wave and I will be able to enjoy tomorrow – boating is on the menu if it is fine enough. I am meling into then seat at the moment with sweat dripping off of me so I think it is time to head outside into the cool breeze….

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