Up the Swan River

I was blobbing out in front of a movie after dinner Tuesday night when Murray decided we were all going down to Burns Beach to watch the sunset. I stood on a rock outcrop and got some cool photos of the sun sinking below the horizon with the waves crashing up in front of me over the rocks.


My alarm went off at 5:30am today because the boys had told me we were leaving at 6am. I was up and had read all the papers and at 6:15am decided to wake them up. Finally we took off towing the boat behind and headed south on the freeway. Just a few minutes down the road the trailer tyre stripped it’s tread so we drove round into a Bunnings car park which was conveniently near empty. Duncan & I stayed with the boat while Murray & Donna shot back home for a spare tyre. Got that changed, fuelled up and headed south. By this time the traffic was getting heavier so it took us a while. We put the boat in the water in South Perth and headed up stream. Not too many minutes out the motor came to a halt and Murray discovered the river was very low and we were in only 90cms of water. So he had to lift the outboard a bit and chug very quietly and carefully to find a deeper chanel. We had to idle most of the way up river at 5 and 8 knots. The Swan River Trust has speed restrictions in place and patrol boats to ensure you keep to it. An hour later after meandering up river we stopped off at Woodbridge House for brunch only to find it is shut on Wednesdays – duh! So we turned back and zipped down river to find food.


Murray decided to explore a new canal area near East Perth called Claisebrook Cove. It is delightful. Apparently it was the pits, a real dodgy area and the powers that be have bulldozed it and rebuilt it. It is so lovely. We tied up and had a wonderfully decadent lunch at Bradley’s. The deserts were all made on site so I had to try one. A baked dark chocolate, orange and Kahlua cheesecake. With fresh raspberries and strawberries – to die for!!


We explored the area and found a really cool shop with some really neat art which we all fell in love with – thankfully it was too heavy to take home so my visa card is safe – I can dream Murray then dropped Duncan & me off at Barracks Wharf near the town centre and we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the city centre. Went up the Swan Bells which has carrillion bells originally from St Martin-in-the-Fields London. (www.swanbells.com.au) They are in a cool tower with sail shapes surrounded by lovely pools and fountains and 10 large mosaics created by the 10 regions of Perth to commemorate the millennium. We found the Australian Geographic shop and then the camera shop where Duncan had bought his SLR digital camera 2 years ago. The staff were still as helpful as ever and we were there for quite some time as they showed us how to get more uses from our cameras. After asking several people I was totally shocked to discover that there are absolutely NO Starbucks in Perth. But I was directed to Gloria Jeans and found a Cappacino Chiller which was a pretty darn good substitute.We then found our way to the train station and caught it back to Joondalup. Wandered up the The Old Bailey pub where Murray & Donna met us for a few drinks.


They dropped me off at Jacqui’s and I have had a most enjoyable evening catching up with her. It has been a very long time since we were last together but the years fall away so easily. She dropped me back here at 10pm so we are now making plans for the last few days. – the week is flying.

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