Piles of Washing

You know that pile I mentioned that was in the hall last night? Well here it is!
The main question we were all asking is how on earth did Nathan fit all of that in his room?
I am pleased to report it is now all sorted and packed up neatly. He and Seb have swapped rooms and both are tidy at the moment and the hall is clear.

I did gasp a bit when I saw Seb’s floor this morning though. There was a mountain equitable with Mt Cook of clothes. He had basically tipped his entire pack out on the floor and it was ALL washing. I asked if maybe he could’ve done some washing while away, but his response was they didn’t have any wet days, so no time to do it!

Today I have hung 6 loads of washing out all told. Thankfully it was a great drying day. At one stage I hung out 31 socks and only one sock was not Seb’s!!!

Talking of washing….I was listening to a guy speaking on the radio whilst driving around Nelson on Tuesday. He was rather amusing. I think it may have been Nicky Cruz – not sure. Anyway, he was saying that when it comes to doing washing that is if ok for a wife to do her husbands washing. She will never get into trouble for that. However, it is a totally different scene if a man does his wife’s washing. He was giving graphic details as to how that is a huge No-No! Each item of her washing will have to be washed separately and with different things etc. etc…………

I got home at midnight Tuesday so Wednesday morning I was operating on a slower speed to normal. I didn’t get to the shower very early, let’s say it was actually quite late in the morning. Not because I was in bed though – I was actually up reasonably early, just couldn’t quite get there. So, I had sorted out my clothes and put my washing in the laundry basket in the bathroom in anticipation of taking it all out to the wash house myself to sort and wash each item of my town clothes in accordance to the instructions in each garment. When I finally got to the bathroom for my shower I found the laundry basket was empty. I screamed and tore out to the wash house and found to my horror that all of my delicate very expensive clothes had been washed in the same load with the everyday kids clothes, towels and Anson’s shearing jeans etc. I was totally horrified and in a panicked state.

Thankfully when I retrieved it all and hung them on the line there was no serious problems. However when I found out that my super diligent 21yr old son had been the culprit I tried explained to him about how men have to learn to sort washing and NOT do delicate $150 dresses in the same load as his shearing jeans – his response was – ‘Well they were my $100 shearing jeans’!! Men!

Look what came to visit last night.
You can have a closer look at it here –

Rhapsody II is 87′ and makes our 38′ boat look quite insignificant. Shannie was keen to go visit so Tim zipped her out in the dinghy after breakfast but the owner was not yet up so the crew couldn’t allow her on board.

Tim & Anson went grubbing tahinau again this morning so I cracked whip and managed to get all the children into the school room and chalk it up – we actually accomplished some academia. I decided to begin Azzan on a reading programme today too, we will see how he goes, so far so good. After teaching 8 children to read and now trying to get Mahalia reading I just couldn’t face having to do it again in a year or so’s time so thought as he is a bright wee man and clicks on really fast I would try and get him started now.

The tide was really high and it was so warm and clam the children all went swimming. Shannie is delighted to be able to jump off the wharf and get herself to shore now so I had to witness the event.
PICT0007 PICT0008

Jesika & Anson have decided to go grubbing tomorrow and have told Tim to take some time off – he is happy and not arguing as he is really tired at the moment. Seb and Anson cooked dinner tonight. Seb made a yummy fish and coconut cream dish with instructions from Jesika, Anson made a salad and cooked rice – really hard stuff The antics in the kitchen when they are in there is rather amusing.

Anson bought home the dvd Cars so he and the children are giggling away over that at the moment. Late dinner and late to bed – tomorrow may not be such an early!

4 thoughts on “Piles of Washing

  1. Ah the joys of laundry. I am so picky I don’t even like Jamin to do his own laundry. But I must say it does make sense that Jeans cost just as much. We should wash all our clothes based on price 🙂
    Ah, swimming looks nice about now. It has been chilly and rainy here.

  2. Of course they went in the same recipe!Coconut cream is a natural with any seafood – very yummy Basics in this case are -saute chopped onions & garlic in butter, add coconut cream thicken with a little cornflour and pour over fish.Cover & bake till fish cooked – doesn’t take long.

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