Fish for Friday

Jesika, Seb & Anson went out at 6:30am to grub weeds. Tim was able to chill out a bit this morning which was good.
Slept in a bit later. I got the young ones into the school room at a good time and managed to accomplish a reasonable amount. Azzan proved to be a bit trying so Tim read him lots of stories and side tracked him.

The work crew arrived back and decided we were all going out for a family fishing trip. Jesika shot home to pack some food and Anson brought the boat in. We left just before 1pm, leaving Seb behind as he wasn’t feeling great.

We basically just steamed around the back of the farm – fishing as we went. It wasn’t great fishing – they lost so much gear, Tim reckons around $40-50 worth of sinkers and traces! Heaps of barracuda around taking it all. Azzan went to sleep against me so I wasn’t able to do much except read my book. Not really too much of a hardship as I am not really a fisherman and the book was very intriguing – ‘Double Helix’ by Sigmund Brouwer. It is fiction but as with a lot of fiction there is a lot of truth in it and ultimately quite scarey in the consequences of DNA and fetal experimentiation.

PICT0003 PICT0004
Anson & Jesika were hard at it and ended up catching a good quota of fish to bring home for dinner. Tim and the 2 girls went off beach combing in the dinghy. Anson was in fine fettle – commenting about the boy racer charging around with the two chicks in his boat as Tim and the girls went zipping past!!!
PICT0001 PICT0002

It came in cold as the southerly blew through the straits. We got home around 5pm. Seb was sleeping but he had cleaned the living area up beautifully – lovely to come home to. No-one really wanted any dinner so we all just picked a bit at the fish and chocolate brownie.

We all watched a dvd – ‘Secondhand Lions’ – brilliant movie with Michael Caine. Really funny yet poignent as well. After the 3 young ones went to bed the rest of us watched ‘Happy Gilmore’ – another very funny Adam Sandler movie. I feel like we are doing a really movie cram at the moment, but we hired a heap when in town and have to send them back with Jesika on Sunday so need to get them watched.

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