The weekend’s gone already…

The guys have been concentrating on getting the weeds grubbed out. So any day that nothing else is happening they are gone by around 6:30am and get back in around lunch time. They are making good progress. I think giving Tim Fri morning off has helped him, he was up and rearing to go Sat morning despite the children – ( I actually hesitate to call them children despite the fact that they are our children even at the old ages of 21 & 27 – young adults sounds better) telling him they would be fine on their own. His attitude is that many hands make light work.

Asaph & Chen from Israel arrived later in the afternoon. He is the brother of Ariel who was here 3 years ago. They have slotted into the craziness of the place really quickly. Asaph has a droll sense of humour and is coping well with my boys – when Anson gets going there is no stopping him, his humour is fast and cutting and our meal times tend to dissolve into a lot of noise and craziness – to which he then stands back and announces it is all the little ones creating the noise and orders them off to bed!!!

I had a lovely long chat with a friend in Australia – she is having major eye problems and is having to have a major operation so it was good to catch up and brighten her day somewhat.

Anson took Tim & I up to Waterfall Bay after dinner in the dinghy to inspect the tiling job in the upstairs bathroom which had been redone due to fast and sloppy workmanship. It is still not right, not too sure what we can do about it but Tim is certainly not happy and not accepting that it has been corrected satisfactorily. Anson set a net while we were there. He and Nathan pulled it up Sun morning but the catch wasn’t brilliant. The weather was great over the weekend and the water was incredibly clear. Absolutely beautiful, could see right down to the depths. We were watching a sting ray and 2 eagle rays cruising the shallows as we walked along to Jesika’s. They were beautiful.

Sunday morning flew past. With washing, phone calls and other stuff it was near on midday when we had fellowship. Jesika was all packed up to go to town so she left as soon as we were finished. I got a call from Orlando USA early in the morning from the company which I had won the holiday package from 18-months ago. They were wanting to extend my time frame by another 3 years – for another cost of course. Because I had passed on the package to friends in the States she needed contact phone numbers that I didn’t have so she patched through to Jesika and we had a 3 way conversation while Jesika found the phone numbers. I had to laugh though as the travel agent commented in her very broad Florida accent that I spoke in good English!!! We were wondering what language she thought we spoke down here in the Antipodes

The children are making good use of the hammocks we brought back from Mexico – the kittens enjoy them too
Shannie is deep into The Bobbsey Twins books at the moment – she gets totally engrossed as you can see here…
PICT0001 PICT0002

We watched ‘White Squall’ Sat night – a good movie, rather traumatic, tragic true story. Worth watching. Then when it finished and we were all heading off to bed Anson decided he needed some humour after such intensity so he put on ‘Hoodwinked’ – I managed to stay awake for most of it, but as I was falling asleep, decided to watch it another day. It is a crazy animation about Little Red Riding Hood with a twist!

I have been having many calls over the past few weeks with a local friend who is applying for an exemption from state education. Because her son is a special needs case the authorities are making it as hard as possible for her. It is really distressing, as she has put her heart and soul into the application and making it all work and she has so much backing and grounding as to why she should home educate him. In fact over the past weeks since school officially began she has done far more work with him than he ever would have done if he was in a school. He is also way happier and settled. I am positive she will win the battle but it is just traumatic having to spend so much time doing battle when all she wants is to be spending time with her young lad. Please pray for her, that this week will go smoothly and that the exemption will go through without any more hassles.

I also had a great catch up with two of my brothers and my s-i-l last night. Unfortunately my little bro was out so never got to catch up with him – another time. He was at a concert so hopefully he was having an enjoyable evening.

No movies last night – everyone was too tired so we ended up crashing by 10pm.
This morning the men were up before 6am, Asaph & Chen got really brave and got up in the dark to hang out their washing and go see what all this grubbing is about. Hope they last the distance. The little ones are up and making noises so I guess I should go feed them and drag Nathan outa bed – he’s not an early bird, but as he has a net to pull in before school………..

One thought on “The weekend’s gone already…

  1. Do you do academic work all year ’round? I can barely imagine seeing a wild sting ray doing its thing where I could see it and I’ve never even heard of an eagle ray before! It is wild having children that are adults, eh? If I didn’t like them so much, I’d feel really intimidated by them I think.

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