School and stuff

Asaph was up early to go to work with the guys. I got up too thinking I would get lots done before the children woke but no such luck! They were good though, they disappeared into the attic and we had to drag them down for breakfast and chores. When I asked Azzan why he was up so early he told me that ‘my eyes opened so I got up’. Figures I spose!

We had a good morning in the school room today. Azzan entertained Chen so it was a lot more peaceful for us. They went walking on the beach and saw ‘a big blue shark and lots of crabs’ – Azzan was really tickled to find Chen had an agreeable imagination tonight when he was telling me about the shark

I had made muffins before school so when I came out to get some for morning tea I found Azzan, Chen and the kittens looking most comfortable.
PICT0003 PICT0001
We are doing a project on the beginnings of writing. Today the children really enjoyed making pictograph shopping lists but when it came to doing rebus’ of their names we ended up putting it in the too hard basket. If any of you can come up with rebus for the three – Mahalia, Shoshannah & Nathan – then please let me know, we were totally stuck.

The children went swimming twice today – no wonder we were low on hot water. They swim for 30 mins and then shower for an hour – well it seems that way-!! After the 2nd swim Azzan was all dressed up in a pink floral dress ready to party. I found him not long afterwards sound asleep in the lounge chair. He slept for hours. I had to wake him for dinner. He told me this afternoon that he had been ‘running round as fast as I could, faster than a cheeter’ – so I guess that is why he was so tired

Anson mustered in and crutched some sheep this arvo. I sorted out all Seb’s maths so he is ready to get into it tomorrow, not that it thrills him all that much Tim read stories to his darlings and then they all went to pick pears. We have a good crop this year but the wind has been blowing them off for the pigs to eat, so he is now making noises about bottling them – all 6 banana boxes of them

Asaph was relegated to bbq-ing the venison for dinner – the kitten was ever so hopeful. Missed out on that but Nathan caught them some fish so kept their wee tummies happy.

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