Pears & mussels & work….

I had a bit of a rough night last night.
Woken twice by Shannie’s alarm and then by Tim getting up at 5am and then again at 7am by the phone. Didn’t feel that great for a while. But we got through the normal chores plus all the dinner vege preparation. Had one trauma when Shannie found that one of her roosters had been killed in Nathan’s possum trap. As Seb said ‘Poor ole Nate strikes out again’! She actually had 4 roosters so it wasn’t really too great a loss apart from the fact that it was hers and she found it dead. Nathan buried it in her allotted spot and she was ok then. Told me later that she now had 6 birds buried up there! She’s been so delighted lately because she has been getting some bantam eggs from her pullets. The eggs are so tiny.

I made some pear & chocolate muffins. Then Chen turned up at 9am so I asked if she would help Azzan cook teddy bear cakes. He loves to use the teddy bear moulds and is not fussy about which recipe. I gave him the choice this morning and he chose chocolate ‘because it is richer’ – man! has that boy got it sussed
The cakes were great despite Chen getting confuse with tablespoons and teaspoons – when you put in the wrong measure of baking soda it usually can be disastrous. I tried to help get the large cake out of the so-called nonstick pan and found that it wasn’t non-stick PICT0001 PICT0003
They iced them and had them for dessert tonight and everyone loved it.

I managed to steer the other 3 into the school room and got Seb into his room and we managed to get through a reasonable amount. Had an interruption by a man from a boat needing to borrow a drill to fix his freezer – he donated us a packet of biscuits in exchange, nice change from wine, which we don’t drink!

The children only had one swim today. This afternoon Anson took Shannie with him to help with chain-sawing up some firewood, Nathan went out on the boat with Tim, Asaf and Chen to do some mussel work. Not too sure what I did but the afternoon disappeared somewhere.

After dinner we got a team to peel pears and open mussels – good jobs out of the way. Only 6 more cases of pears to go!

Jesika arrived home just as we finished – she bought Miles, a wwoofer from California, with her. As the guys are all heading out to grub weeds again at 6:30am his introduction to work here will be baptism by fire-!!

They all had a good laugh over a couple of Black Book episodes and then everyone was off to bed before 9:30pm and I think I will be close behind and hopefully my night won’t be so broken.

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