Was it it Wednesday today??

There has been great consternation today from our Israeli guests as to what day it actually is. Of course we haven’t been helping their severe case of ‘Sounds-itis’ at all. No one will give them a straight answer – mean aren’t we! Truth be it, we are actually enjoying their company and don’t want them to leave

Cat arrived home at midnight so when she came down for breakfast she had 4 young folk all over her with questions and stories of what they had all been doing while she was away. It must be very annoying after a while but she is remarkably patient with them. They were just so excited to see her again.

I have been trying to get dinner prepared first thing in the morning so I don’t have to exert my brain cells in the afternoon. So today I made Malayan Fish Dish – one of our all time favourite meals. Took me to 10am to get it done, sort out several business calls plus deal with Anson’s bookings to the USA. So we were rather short on scholarly time today. After the children had done all their chores I let them watch the end of the dvd series about NZ’s Lion Man. They have really been enjoying it. He has got a collection of Barbary Coast Lions, now extinct in Africa, white tigers and a white lion. The way he handles them and obviously loves them is amazing. Must try to get the children to visit his park. http://www.zionwildlifegardens.co.nz/

We finally got into the school room and after finishing the boring stuff we had fun because where we are in our Before Writing project meant that it lent itself to some practical fun. We were talking about the different areas of early civilisation and the tools they used to make the types of writing they did. Today it was Mesopotamia – they wrote in cuneiform using clay tablets and papyrus stalks. So while I was trying to get Mahalia’s reading lesson finished – man! some days it’s like pulling teeth with her! – Shoshannah got some clay and rolled it out into three small tablets and Nathan found some suitable small branches and trimmed them appropriately. They then had heaps of fun making patterns representing cuneiform. By the way, do you know why it is called that? Because cuneiform means wedge shaped and that is the shapes they based their written communications on.

The children were playing outside most of the afternoon. At one stage later on I was on the phone sorting Anson’s tickets. Hung up and walked through to the living room to connect to the internet. Heard my cell phone going crazy, got to it too late, then went back to the study to write down the number of whoever it was that had called, as I was trying to do that there was very loud crying coming in the back door, Mahalia appeared with blood streaming down her face, then the phone started ringing again, so I got her into the bathroom, sent Shannie for a cup so she could rinse out her mouth, ran and grabbed the phone – a business call Tim had been expecting, sorted that out and got back to the bathroom to find Mahalia swilling and spitting. I managed to get out of her that she had tripped as she was running down the steps towards the back door and fell and hit her mouth. She had successfully knocked her front tooth out. It had been loose for a while so no great loss except it was rather traumatic and painful loosing it like that. He other front one is now loose too.

After she had recovered from that the decided they wanted to go swimming despite the southerly blowing in here today. A warm bath and then they cuddled up in my study and watch an Australian dvd about Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. I am really enjoying introducing the children to all these ‘old’ tv programmes that I used to watch. There is something really lovely and wholesome about them and they so enjoy them.

Anson had a chat with Josiah tonight – nice to catch up on how he is doing down in the big smoke of Christchurch. Doing well working for a roofing contractor so that is great.

Dinner was a bit late but it didn’t matter tonight because everyone was busy. We made some inventive salads – carrot and red onion, stir fried shredded cabbage with sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and turmeric. Also managed to produce a brilliant edition of Pear Ginger Sponge for dessert. It was a total hit. Dinner was just as noisy and crazy as usual. There was some discussion about whether we milk cows and that we use powdered milk, make or buy the ice cream etc. Anson had Asaf choking in laughter at one stage when in reply to Chen’s question as to what ginger I used he replied quick as lightening that we get it from the ginger cow. It was very locational so don’t get too hung up about it

One thought on “Was it it Wednesday today??

  1. I’m so glad Mahalia’s injured teeth were the non-permanent ones. I just noticed that up above you said that sometimes reading lessons with her were like pulling teeth! (Sorry, that just struck me as funny.) The eating sounds good. Your doing pears reminds me of our apple challenge. Bless you.
    P.S. My email is not working right now, so don’t be offended if I don’t answer something you send.

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