It’s Monday, again!

I got up early this morning – well, it seemed early cuz daylight saving finished yesterday.
So it was 5am but last week it would’ve been 6am!
So I was feeling like I was ahead of myself before it was breakfast!

Had a small amount of time to sit at my art desk and completed a page in a book club book, and nearly completed a card for another groups monthly image challenge.

On my art front I am thinking that I may just be able to get my thankyou cards finished – have decided I am not going to make any more, will use store cards or just write a note for the rest of them. Can only do so much eh? Then I may be able to get inspiration to finish the journal I have to post this week, well, I was actually sposed to post in several weeks back now but who’s counting….

THEN, I will be able to get started on the 39 pages for the chunky collaborative book swap I have been conned into joining.

But by the time I thought about it all, it was breakfast time and the children were up and about. Azzan is really grotty. He is so up and down it is driving me insane.

Tim went out mustering for a couple of hours. Gustav kayaked up to help Jesika. Tim got back in time to collect Ivan for another day on the mill. We got into school work. Had just finished the reading and maths and was about to begin the project work when I got an emergency phone call from Jesika saying her compost bin was on fire and she needed Seb fast cuz they couldn’t get it under control on their own. She has a huge compost bin so I was very concerned. So Seb was off in the dinghy at a rate of knots. Thankfully they got it dealt to without it spreading. But the bin is pretty much burnt out so plan 64 will have to be put into action now!

After lunch we watched another couple of episodes of Little House on the Prairie. At the moment it is about the only time of the day when the children are not being fractious with each other. I am almost tempted to let them watch it much longer but as a mother knows, that is not condusive to their health and well-being, so I booted them all outside for the rest of the afternoon.

Jesika came over with bags full of green veges, then she & Shannie loaded the ute up with sawdust and bark for her garden. She stayed for dinner and was a great help to me – I was nearly tearing my hair out after a day with grotty kids. So she fed them and got them off to bed while I was sorting business stuff.

After dinner we introduced Gustav & Ivan to lagretto. It was fun and despite me finishing my hand of cards first so many times Nathan & Gustav still won

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