The Early Bird catches the Worm :-)

Jesika decided to stay over – making the most of Cat’s spare bed to get some company. She, Seb & Ivan went out possum shooting. It was a good night for it and they got quite a few.

I was woken up this morning at 2am and after half an hour or so of tossing around I couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to get up and get stuck into the accounts.

Talk about success!
3 hours of total uninterrupted peace and quiet was worth so much. By the time the house started waking at 6am I had made a huge hole in them. The only things left to do were things I needed to ask Jesika or Tim. So I was absolutely rapt.

I have been having problems getting my printer to work on the Windows side of the computer – cannot find the installation discs so I have given the study a real good clean out. Thrown away so much junk that has accumulated, it feels so good to see clear and clean shelves. Still haven’t found the disks but at least I have a clean study!

Gustav left early this morning with Sandra from next door. And then at lunch time the Peacock family arrived – they are Canadian from Toronto. The two girls and Shannie and Mahalia have clicked and are having such a great time.

Jesika took Azzan & Mahalia home with her to unload a truckload of bark and sawdust onto her garden then she came back in time to get dinner organised. The children are a lot better today – not so many coughs. Although Seb is not feeling too great tonight so maybe he is catching it next.

The men had gotten totally involved in the milling, Seb & Jesika had to go around and convince them it was time for dinner when it was nearly dark. Apparently Tim and found a huge tree so Graham just had to cut it up.

I was commenting to them that it is a bit like patchwork & quilting. You take a large piece of material and cut it into small pieces and then sew it all back together again to make something big. They are cutting down trees and milling them into small pieces just so they can be all nailed together to make something big-!!

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