A day in town

I was up at 4:30am and in the shower. Woke the children at 5:15 and we were gone soon after 5:30am.
We had a good trip out – no-one was sick – that’s always a good trip
Ivan was very obliging and bantered with the girls. Nathan dozed so life was reasonably peaceful. We stopped at Rai Valley for the mandatory steak & cheese pie but had to settle for mince because they had none. Then zipped through to my sister Ruth’s to drop Ivan back at his car. Ruth was ready to head off to do her postie run but was very upset because her two Alsatian dogs had totally debarked one of her lovely big kowhai trees. Effectively killing it. They must have been trying to get to a possum during the night. She was so angry that Ruby (13) thought her Mum was going to do the dogs in-!!

We headed over the hill and managed to do two jobs and go to Starbucks to complete our healthy and nourishing breakfast with a frapaccino each Just had time to get out to Richmond to MacMillan’s Ceramics and meet the other homeschoolers. We spent a lovely morning there. There were about 28 children so they took three sessions for the children to paint a piece of ceramics of their own choice. They are now going to be glazed and the children will have them in a few weeks. I took heaps of photos to share but have just now tried to load them onto the computer and found that somehow the whole card has been erased. I am totally gutted

We had a lovely lunch at the cafe there with Estelle and Jayden and then we shot back into Nelson and did a few more jobs before my 2pm dentist appointment. It was just a 5min adjustment of my bridge so we were outa there quickly and on to get groceries, shot through The Warehouse so the girls could spend their pocket money – they were very happy to find the two different Kelly dolls they had been wanting.

We then found Alice from Scotland waiting for us at the info centre. Went and got veges, pizza for dinner, petrol for Tim and then another frapaccino for dessert and headed out of town soon after 5pm.

Got home around 8pm and unpacked. Azzan had gone home with Jesika and the guys have been busy milling so Grace and the girls had a blissful day cleaning floors and windows etc with no-one under foot. She suggested I might like to go to town again tomorrow so she could get more done – I thought that could be arranged

Got an email from Cat tonight – Tim & I were thrilled to hear from her and find out what she and Anson have been up to. They sound very busy.

All in all it has been a good day.

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