Life in the fast lane!

I’ve been sitting here for the past 5 minutes trying to remember what happened over the weekend
Must have been exciting cuz I had to go ask Alice to remind me.

Saturday was occupied with 50 million loads of washing – I am deadly serious here, there was heaps – I lost count of the loads. Thankfully it was a good day and it dried fast enough that I could get the loads out in succession.

Alice was commissioned to the daunting task of cleaning the girls rooms. We packed the girls off for picnics and she did a highly commendable job without their help. I am always most pleased to see large bags of rubbish departing their rooms – the bigger the bags the better the job I reckon-!!

The guys spent most of the day out at the mill. Later in the afternoon Graham decided it was time to get his fishing rod wet so he took Alice & David fishing. They got a good haul of kahawai which has been smoked and enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I was pretty had it by 4pm so went to bed for a rest and woke after 5pm and staggered out of bed to make dinner.

Grace helped with the washing and bathroom cleaning and then – ‘The Fridge’. It was a serious job. One likened to scaling Franz Josef Glacier in fact. The ice shelf had grown to such an extent that ice axes were on call. Instead though Nathan attacked it with salt – bright boy! And David added bowls of boiling water and shut the door. Worked a treat. It still had a huge lump of pack ice behind the cooling panel after dinner so Alice and I plonked ourselves down and watched ‘The Constant Gardener’. It was a brilliant movie. It was made even more exciting by the loud crashes of ice hitting the bottom of the fridge We were able to reload the fridge before going to bed.

Sunday was pretty cruisy. Shahar left early to go back apple picking. I stayed in bed for as long as I could, I was enjoying my book We had a late fellowship and then a lazy afternoon. I went to bed for a sleep and Tim & Jesika watched a movie. Everyone else just cruised then Graham took David, Grace, Shalina & Corrissia out for a fish. We made tortilla’s for dinner – they were yummy.

Why does Monday morning have to always end up being Monday? No matter how calm I wake up I usually end up with demands pulling me in multiple directions and I end up feeling stressed to the max before 10am
I think Mondays should be cancelled!

Seb & Nathan went out with Graham to pick up the net. Nathan took Alice & Grace and the two girls up to Jesika’s to clean the Lodge. I spent the morning doing school with the children. It went pretty well. They made Vindolanda books. They are very basic books styled on the early Roman thin wooden tablets which were linked together with string. We used card and they chose colours and topics of their own.

We have been watching the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ series over the past week. Today we watched two sessions. They are so good and the children love them. There is always so much to learn from them – in behaviour, manners and also historic ways of life.

The guys did more milling today and then later this evening Seb & Graham went out for more fishing. The kahawai are calling to him quite loudly at the moment so he feels he has to answer and not disappoint them

Tim is very tired and everyone is getting quite grumpy – I think it is time for a holiday. I am glad I have booked already for the two us to go away for a few days next week. It is all booked and paid for which means the dates cannot be changed and it has to happen. Brianna is due home Friday so she will help Jesika mind the young’uns and Seb is heading south with a friend to Rally for the Sky in Wanaka. So come hell or high water we are going!

2 thoughts on “Life in the fast lane!

  1. Aren’t washing machines a wonderful invention?! Sounds like you’re getting a lot done. I’m glad you and Tim get to take off by yourselves for a bit. What a blessing to have older children willing to help take care of younger ones that way. I’m so grateful to have all the cheerful help I have in my kids.

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