Food and frustrations

Shannie and Shalina decided they wanted to cook dinner today. Shannie was up at 6:30am telling her Dad all about her cooking plans – (I know because Alice is sleeping in Brianna’s room directly above the kitchen and she heard every word). By the time I arrived in the kitchen she had made a pretty good start on things. She had the bun dough made and rising, and the pizza dough going in the breadmaker.
PICT0004 PICT0005 PICT0008
The spent all morning making pizzas. Then this afternoon they peeled potatoes and made roasty garlic and rosemary potato cubes. Alice made the salad and then the girls made Mega Mud Puddle cake for dessert.

I cleaned up the mess – AFTER they had cleaned up their mess
They did real good for two young ladies of 11 & 9 yrs, cooking dinner for 15 people.
PICT0012 PICT0015

Alice has been assigned to the pruning of the roses and lavenders etc. She is working her way around the garden with the help of local photographer Azzan.
Grace decided the plants had a better chance of living if she didn’t do them. So today Grace spent the entire day spring cleaning the wwoofers sleep out. It must be the cleanest it has ever been, so the next wwoofers better be very appreciative! Mahalia & Corrissia helped Grace and then spent some secretive time planning their menu for tomorrow night.

Jesika arrived back from town late this afternoon bringing with her my friend Bethel from Brisbane and a box of chickens for Shoshannah – plus other more mundane things. Shannie and Shalina had to take a break from their cooking to go find a home for them. They are 4 white Pekhen bantams. Absolutely gorgeous and Shannie is totally rapt.
Azzan decided Bethel was pretty good for lots of cuddles. He was very happy for her to sleep in his bed because he gets to sleep in Mum & Dad’s room. It was also good because I had to start cleaning up our bedroom. I now have some wall space to hang my huge wall hanging of the last Aztec warrior I bought in Mexico.

Alice also helped sort out a heap of old recipes and recipe books. It is amazing how much junk you accumulate and how easy it is to dispense with it – well most of it

Jesika bought back 3 movies from town to watch this week. It is tricky doing this because we have to make sure we have a return trip within the required return time. She was really excited because she had finally gotten ‘The Devil wears Prada’ – we had been wanting to see it when we were in USA last year but due to circumstances, like going to the wrong theatre – duh! we were unable to. Anyway, we were all getting the children off to bed so we could watch it and then found that none of the dvds had had the safety lock removed from them. She phoned the hire company but all they could do was give her a credit and offer free replacements some other time – needless to say she was pretty hacked off and went home most disappointed. So Bethel, Alice & I watched ‘Walk the Line’ instead.

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