Tim Tam party time

Tim & David went out and did a few hours on the mussels this morning. The youngsters were very occupied with re-enacting Little House on the Prairie.


while they were all otherwise occupied us girls had a TimTam party.

Now, for those of you who don’t know TimTams – they are the yummiest chocolate biscuit – but you have to learn the secret ritual to enjoying them to the max.

Jesika demo-ed to the foreigners how you first have to bite off opposite corners and then you use it like a straw and suck your coffee (or herb tea) through it. When you feel it melting you have to very quickly shove it all in your mouth and let it melt down your throat – no chewing allowed! I ended up tipping my herb tea down my front and Alice didn’t get her TimTam into her mouth quick enough so it ended up in her drink.

PICT0837 PICT0838 PICT0839 PICT0840

Needless to say it caused great hilarity which of course bought curious children from the back stalls who were told with great severity that this was an adults only thing

When Tim got back Jesika loaded up Graham, David & Alice and they went out in the boat fishing. The paua diving was a bit of a dead loss cuz David & Alice had no idea what they were looking for and Jesika wasn’t getting in the water – it was too cold! I was so looking forward to paua for dinner too.

Bethel and I spent a good time at my art desk. I am making good progress on my project. Hope to get it finished in the morning so Bethel can take it back and post it for me in Australia.

Nathan cooked most of dinner tonight with Graham frying the fish and me making chocolate fudge self saucing pudding with the help of Corrissia and Mahalia.

Before dinner the children were all dressed up and dancing – they had such fun.
PICT0847 PICT0848
Azzan was rather short for Shalina so she was dancing on her knees but he insisted she stand up. He loves to twirl in his dress!

David, Grace, Shalina & Corrissia are leaving tomorrow – it is causing great sadness amongst the girls. Alice has managed to alter her travel plans to stay another week – Shalina was wanting to stay till Christmas-!! To bad Thailand is already booked.

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