Fond Farewells

Today the Peacock family took flight and left around 8am so they could catch the ferry to the North Island. It was heartbreaking for the girls. Friendships across the miles can be so hard. Mahalia was very subdued all day and Shoshannah spent her day engrossed in her book.

Bethel went for a spin in the dinghy with Nathan so she could check out Waterfall Bay and then she went beachcombing with Mahalia. She arrived back with a relatively conservative amount of ‘stuff’ but the three young’uns must have brought back half the beach. Shannie has it all spread across the verandah seat with a shop sign. I am totally thrilled at having more mess – not!
We managed to spend a wee bit more time in my corner. I was trying to get my project finished. Couldn’t take a photo because Nathan had borrowed my camera. Bethel will take photos and then I can post them to show you. It was an interesting outcome.

Alice was a great help sorting out all the beds and getting things back to normal. There was a mountain of washing again which I left to her. Sadly Bethel left on the mailboat. It was a beautiful day so she would’ve had a great trip. After I had opened the mail and sorted things out I went and found a comfy bed in Mahalia’s room and had a lie down. I have been so tired over the past few days so I was quite glad to get some time to rest. I think I did get a bit of a sleep until the phone went and because the girls were so glued to Little House on the Prairie I had to stagger out to answer it. It was good to watch the rest of the dvd with the girls while my body tried to come back to life again.

Nathan took my camera around to the mill and got a heap of good shots. This is one of the best. Graham, Seb & Tim were hard at it today. Last day for a while as Graham is also heading away next week and taking the mill with him. Quite a relief really as it has been very intense few weeks on the mill and taking quite a toll on Tim.

Brianna arrived home tonight and immediately showered Mahalia with birthday presents and Azzan with chocolate biscuits! Jesika has twisted/sprained her knee quite badly so it looks like Brianna might just keep the 3 wee ones here with her and Alice and Nathan will go an help Jesika. I am thinking she will probably need to go to town and get professional assessment & treatment done on it. She is worried because she has a multi day tramp planned in a weeks time with a group of friends and at the moment she can barely walk. Good to know Graham will be here to help keep things ticking along and to be an ambulance driver if needed.

Tim & I are off in the morning for 4 nights away. We are taking Seb to Kaikoura and putting him on the bus to Christchurch. He is going to stay with a friend and go on down to Wanaka to the Rally for the Sky over Easter. I am looking forward to the break away from the farm. Better go and pack, we leave in less than 10 hours…..
Be back on Wednesday

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