We have had heaps of fun over the past two days. My bro Duncan and his wife Sylvia brought our cousin Lyall and his wife Cathryn down to visit. I have not seen Lyall for 12 years and it is near on 30 since he came here so it was a real extra special treat to see them again.
PICT1160 PICT1158
Here we all are – cuzzies three. Duncan with the beard and Lyall with none! I’m in the red shirt and Cat with the red hair – just in case you couldn’t tell

Sylvia happily ensconced herself on the end of the wharf with her fishing rod – we had to drag her in screaming and kicking after dark for dinner Cat just walked about in a breathless haze talking wondrously about the paradise she had landed in. Lyall was just happy to be back and had a smile on his face the whole time.

Today we went up to Waterfall to examine the bathroom tiling job and take notes. Duncan is a builder so we were getting a second opinion. We really feel that the operations manager of the Flooring company is shafting us as they are putting off coming down to assess the job. Both Duncan & Lyall agree that is is a very substandard job and not at all done in a tradesman like manner. So we will definitely be standing our ground.

We went up in the boat as it is quicker and it was a beautiful day. Cathryn and Lyall just loved it.
_IGP7980 _IGP7983

On the way back Tim got a feed of mussels for the cuzzies – they were fair drooling when they saw them come up out of the water.
_IGP7987 _IGP7991
Nathan took Lyall fishing and then Sylvia. He likes to give his passengers thrills

While we had some extra man power we got them to help move the chicken house that we had been given. It has been built like a proverbial brick outhouse and is extremely heavy. Anyway, with a few ropes and a few grunts and heaves the three guys got it down the orchard, right side up in a better position to give the chickens a warmer, dryer place to live. Now Tim & Shannie have to finish it with perches and nesting boxes.
PICT1145 PICT1152

While we were busy up at Waterfall Mez looked after the 3 youngest and then took Azzan & Mahalia kayaking after we got back home. They had a lovely time over on Pipi Beach in the sunshine.

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  1. Well I really don’t think you ever have any down time there Raewyn if your not got visitors your going somewhere … it was so lovely to see your bro come visit and bring your cousin with their wives – it brought tears to my eyes knowing just how Cathryn felt in such a paradise – ohhh and so it is … I have been going through the photos I took at your place and sent heaps over to Rob to have a goosie gander at, I’m sure she will be gobsmacked – as they say.

  2. Wow. People. Living on that blue, blue ocean. Mussels. New chicken house. What fun to have the cousins get together and to have your brother there!

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