Domestic delight

We’ve had a couple of very domestic days.
Mahalia and Mez made dinner yesterday – 4 huge yummy pizza’s and salad with apple & rhubarb crumble. While they were doing that Alice was buzzing about doing all the other chores I needed done.

I have been struggling with designing the prototype page for the 39 5″x5″ pages I am committed to make for a chunky collaborative book. Anyway, yesterday it all fell into place and I am now away. I have been working away at all the bits so they should all be finished fairly soon.

Funny thing was, I needed my sewing machine for it so I asked Tim to get it down off the top shelf. He got all excited because his favourite work pants needed mending. I found them draped conspicuously over the machine. So before I could begin the pages I ended up mending them plus some of the children’s clothes. Mahalia & Azzan have never really seen me sew so they got all excited. Azzan had to see how I did everything and Mahalia was so rapt at my mending of her pants. I am just so glad she doesn’t know how well I can sew. I had no pins and had to sew stretchy patches over a hole in the knee of her stretchy pants – an interesting result to say the lease. But she was very happy

Just to clarify for those of you who haven’t known me long – For many many years I used to live behind my sewing machines. I sewed all the older children’s clothing plus mine & Tim’s and others. But when I was pregnant with Mahalia 8 years ago I was introduced to rubber stamping. From then on my sewing days diminished as I grew more and more absorbed by my passion with paper crafts. I still have all my machines and I have quilts that I will finish – one day, in fact I felt quite inspired this morning as I was looking through some of my stash of materials……..there’s just only so many hours ion the day though

PICT1188 PICT1192
Tim & Seb built the platform for the chicken house to sit on. Tim wanted to get it up off the ground to prevent rodents from invading and nesting under it. Now, not only is it solidly built like the proverbial brick outhouse, but it will not go anywhere in a hurry as it is secured and tied down and I am sure will withstand hurricanes and earthquakes!

They have got as far as putting a manuka perch in so Mahalia lifted all the Pekhins up on to it today – am not too sure if they actually know how to get down! Hopefully tomorrow there will be a ladder and more perches. And if Shannie is very lucky a nesting box or two as well. We won’t hold our breath but it is making faster progress that she anticipated. She spends he time trying to catch the roosters and keep them cooped up. She is a far braver lass than her mother – She just grabs them with no worries about them pecking her.
PICT1204 PICT1205

Mez & Alice spent this morning weeding and tidying up the back bank. It looks heaps better now. It is really great to have a pre-winter tidy up in the garden. They did a good job. Just the right amount removed without denuding it!

Mez had to leave on the mailboat so she got a last hug from Azzan – he likes the ladies and is always ready for a kiss and a cuddle. He came out last night and asked ‘Am I cute?’ Well, what do you say-!!

Azzan decided to paint this afternoon. He got himself all set up with newspaper and paint. When he was trying to tip the purple paint out it went all over the table – urghhh! So I cleaned it all up and decided I would assist him and tip the paints into the egg crate so at least it would be more contained – and guess what? When I was tipping the green paint there was more in the bottle and it was runnier than the other colours and I had a flood of green. Thankfully Azzan likes green When he finished he very neatly laid them all out to dry. Later on he brought them into the study to show me and was most proudly asking me if I thought they were pretty good. Tonight he decided to sellotape them all together so he could decorate the walls of his bedroom.

Judging by the dead carcass over Nathan’s shoulder and the smile on his face as he walked by the house tonight, and the smell of dead mutton I am assuming that he and Tim were killing dog tuckers – I had wondered where they had gotten to this afternoon. Sometimes they are very conspicuous by their absence

2 thoughts on “Domestic delight

  1. ……sheep that are slaughtered to feed the dogs. Usually skinney old boney things that are not good enough for house tucker.Tucker being the kiwi farming teminology for food!

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