A Day in the Life of the Farm

I have been corrected severely – Nathan was NOT killing a dog tucker – it was a house tucker.
Big difference that must be noted. You have to be good at the job to do the house meat whereas any old anybody can do the dogs

Today Tim and his entourage went out cattle mustering. He took Seb, Nathan, Shannie & Hali. They didn’t get to leave until after 10am so Tim was getting pretty frustrated by the time they took off. He estimated they would be home for lunch. Well, they were – it’s just that lunch for them was 4pm!

Here’s a graphic account of their day – photo’s taken on my camera by Seb & Nathan.
This is the farm truck in all it’s glory
You need it to get around this territory.
PICT1210 PICT1216 PICT1213 PICT1230 PICT1227
You gotta have long legs to get around these hills

Tim always wears cricket pads for protection now when working the cattle in the yards because he has been kicked in the knees and legs so many times. It has been quite serious as the cows can really kick a punch and have put him out of action for quite some time in the past.
PICT1231 PICT1241
I am totally correct this time in saying that this cow is for dog tucker. She had cancer of the eye, poor thing. The children love a hands on biology lesson – they are always in boots and all to help with the cutting up. Tim assured me tonight that they have been shown the various stomach compartments etc, so they are learning heaps when they are out with their Dad – even if they don’t realise it

I decided it was time to sort out the monstrous piles of books that were lying about the hall. Jesika and I started a data base on the computer several years ago and I have all my books in there. We have a sort of mini library so it is very handy to keep track of them all to avoid double purchasing and for lending too.

However I have been a bit remiss of late and there is a lot not in there so I added them in while Alice did the physical sorting. Graham had built me a couple of new shelves above the study door while Tim & I were away in Kaikoura. They needed painting but we decided we would just sort the books and use the shelf for now and paint it later once we managed to round up some paint and brushes. That was a good plan except we didn’t realise Graham hadn’t nailed the shelves up properly. I had just walked out of the study to get some more books from my bedroom when I heard this huge crash behind me. The shelves had tipped and all the books were strewn over the floor.

So, plan B is to paint the shelves in next couple of days and in the meantime the books are in more piles – sorted this time though-!!

Azzan was so good today, he played on the computer, watched a movie and then painted. Alice showed him how to make potato prints so he had lots of fun with that. Not so much paint spread around today thank goodness

Alice wanted to have a l-o-n-g chat to her folks in Scotland so she ran over to Waterfall Bay tonight. She will have the phone to herself and be able to have a good long unhassled talk and we will see her again tomorrow.

We had a fairly easy dinner tonight – crayfish in a coconut cream mornay on rice with beetroot. No-one was particularly hungry after having a 4:30pm lunch.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of the Farm

  1. Raewyn you make life so interesting – can I come wooffer???    Loved all the photos too of the families day and so pleased you & Alice got so much accomplished even if the shelves weren’t quite up to scratch – you did want them painted first anyway eh? I’ve just spent several hours doing my blog you will be pleased to know so I look forward to you comment when I get back from Yvette’s …well it’s the wee hours of the morning so I had better get some shuteye as I have a big drive later on today…. thanks so much for the lovely phone call – was great to catch up more in person isn’t it on the phone … bye …… B

  2. What a gorgeous place! I forget the overall lay of the land and then see that steep outjutting, breath-taking view and remember again. Do you put the dog meat in the freezer? I would think they’d learn a lot doing that!

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