Sedentary Sunday

A reasonably relaxed day was had by most around here – Seb has found the new sofa’s are a comfy place to read and you can guarantee not to be disturbed if you are listening to your ipod at the same time!
He got quite stroppy with Shannie today cuz she dashes through the house and keeps on leaving the doors open. I heard him remonstrating with her and saying it was at least -27’C outside. Slight exageration but I guess he was feeling a bit cool today. The saying here is that they were born in a whare with the door flap open!!

I managed to convince Tim into fixing the book shelves – they really needed some serious adjustments before being painted and nailing in. I heard him comment as he carried them out the door ‘I will change my attitude and then the job will go well’! I don’t think he really was that keen on doing them today, but he did – isn’t he a sweetie

I had to laugh though, as when Alice returned home this morning after speaking to her folks, she said that everytime she went to tell them what she had been doing they already knew cuz they had been reading my blog – ‘Hi there Mr & Mrs Chinn – and yes of course you can come here wwoofing, you are never too old’

So then of course she and Tim and Seb and Nathan had to get online to see what they had been doing Tim read what had happened a few days ago and said ‘My trousers have been mended!-!’ He hadn’t even noticed I had done them Alice reckoned we were experiencing a cyber relationship.

Marco and Smirnoff caused a lot of hilarity this afternoon when they were found sleeping on the deck like this. Marco looked very comfortable – not too sure what Smirfy was thinking.

I am discovering why my bathroom always seems to have large puddles of water and toothpaste and soap for miles – I have an imp who loves to do experiments in there – I caught him today.

Tonight Azzan was reading a large book about the human body and he found a large poster in the back which he unfolded and studied. ‘Where’s my spine?’ He then lay down to see how big he was. Then the girls had to see how big they were. He even measured Alice but she didn’t stay long enough for a photo.

Seb & Alice are watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2 tonight and I have made a massive inroads in the creation of my chunky book pages. It was a bit tedious gluing on 78 buttons with gel medium and getting enough room to lay them out with weight on them to make she they stick right, so I am taking 5 and will finish the rest later. Tomorrow I should have them all completed and then I can show you – yeehaaa!

One thought on “Sedentary Sunday

  1. I know ye old headphones trick of privacy creation! I love the pictures. Don’t you love getting things done?! Happy solid shelves to you. So nice that Tim could do them and did. There’s always so much to do, but what a happy thing to have meaningful, useful, productive things to do and be able to do them.

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