The Safari was loaded to the hilt on Sunday morning. Somehow Tim squeezed in 6 of them plus all the gear and left just after 9am. At least they would all be cosy for the trip

Azzan & I popped into Rangiora and went to church where Brianna goes. Azzan went off to Sunday School with her so had lots of fun. Afterwards, we had to go do some car stuff at the garage and then got some groceries, popped into see Brenda & Nick (Josiah’s grandma) and pick up a heap of books I had bought off her on TradeMe. Then we zipped back up to Loburn for lunch and just hung out for the afternoon. Bri arrived soon after and then Louisa with Mahalia, Madeline and George. We had a cuppa and chatted with Nicky and then had a wander around the garden while Nicky showed us what they had done and what they have planned to do. It is great what they have done. Looks so good already. The children had heaps of fun playing in Nicky’s pile of sand. I think it is sposed to be for concreting the mosaics!

We had a very chilled out relaxing day which was good.
The children needed to have some less rushed time without all the travelling.

Nicky & I decided to go to Kaiapoi to the movies. We left Dave with the dinner and children and enjoyed a lovely few hours with ‘Miss Potter’. It is such a delightful movie. Thoroughly recommend it if you haven’t yet seen it. On our way home we stopped in and had a cuppa with Ruth (Nicky & Dave’s eldest daughter). It was nice to catch up. She is expecting No2 very soon – most exciting

Tim had a good trip home, dropping Mum off in Blenheim and Seb at Pelorus and Jesika at Waterfall – they made it safely in by dinner time, so that was good.

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