Home fires are burning – well!

Wow! I have just spent all day updating my blog – in between all the other stuff that life throws at me along the way during the day. Hope you are all impressed.

Ann, you queried about horses on our property. No, we do not have horses. It is way too steep. Farm is classified as 60 degree slopes. Years back in Tim’s grandfather’s time (before motor bikes and land rovers) they had pack horses but neither Tim nor I are interested so there is no intention of having any here for pleasure. Mahalia has been told that if she learns to ride and care for a horse then maybe once she is big enough and old enough to be totally responsible then we may think about letting her have one.

Since I came home I have been sorting mail and cataloguing books I have bought, doing washing and sorting the mountain of it once dry. Thankfully the girls are beginning to become neat freaks – well, with a little persuasion – and they put away all of their own clothes. We won’t mention what my bedroom looks like. I will get to it soon but there is just far too much else to do first – and if the clothes are in piles on the floor then I don’t have to fossick through drawers to find them

We have a family from the UK wwoofing here at the moment. While I have been away Tobi has been helping Jesika painting at the Lodge but today she stayed here to help me. Jon has been working with Tim on the mussel boat and with Graham, who is trying to get all of our fires legal so we can get the building inspector down this week to sign them all off. I have had the paper work here for absolutely ages but there is always something more important on the guys ‘to do’ list. So a few weeks ago I put my foot down with a firm hand and said this has got to be done – NOW! Absolutely pointless paying insurance on property when the fires are not permitted. Graham was very excited when he discovered Jon was a plumber and he had some expert help on the job.

Barney is 14 and he has spent his entire time here fishing. Either on the wharf or on the boat when the guys are mussel working. Lois (11) and Shannie have just played so well and since we arrived home all of the girls have been inseparable and have hardly been inside. The playhouse has been maxed for once

My cousin Alvin and Vonnie arrived here on Tues to stay in The Croft. They both are employed in very stressful jobs so have been enjoying the peace and quiet. It has been so good getting to know them after 20 years of no contact. They have been around for dinner the past two nights and create a lot of hilarity. Vonnie is a delightful nutcase and Alvin is quietly droll!

Jesika came for dinner tonight and we were just getting the young ones off to bed and cleaning up when the phone went. It was our neighbour Mark in a panic because he had a very large out of control fire burning at Te Kopi low neck.

So Tim, Jesika, Alvin, Vonnie & Jon got rugged up and took off to help. It has been a drama and is still happening as I write. There is a heap of felled old man pine trees heavy with resin and large piles of branches and debris all of which are very combustible. More neighbours arrived by boat with some wojak pumps and more fire fighters are coming. The wind is very strong and gusty and if our guys hadn’t gotten this end of it under control it would’ve been heading this way extremely quickly.

At this point they seem to have it under control at this end and at midnight Jesika went up the hill to meet the 2 fire trucks that have come in from Blenheim and show them the way. Alvin, Vonnie & Jon came home at 1am as there was nothing more they could do but Tim & Jesika are still around there. The wind is still gusting and according to Jon the fire is very large and heading towards the wool-shed so they have a crew around there dousing and trying to steer it away. It is too dangerous to get helicopters in tonight so they are on standby for the morning. Tim is not anticipating getting back home till morning as it is buring quite ferociously and he won’t be happy until he sees it is totally under control.

Not much I can do but pray, so I am off to bed now as someone will have to be on deck in the morning and I don’t think it will be Tim.

2 thoughts on “Home fires are burning – well!

  1. I enjoyed all the posts from last week. Some great pictures. I look forward to hearing of the full containment of the fires soon! I didn’t realize whole families did Woofing. I like your new profile pic. too.

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