Tuesday – our shopping day

We headed into Chch for a shopping day on Tuesday. I was wanting to find a book called Paper fashions by Klutz. So I went to Whitcoulls in Northlands. No, they didn’t have it but on the computer it showed up 1 in Westfield and 2 in Cashel St. So after paying for the pile of other books I found in the bargain bin we headed off to Westfield. On the way Tim called and asked me to pick up two fire hoses. Zipped into Westfield – ‘Oh, no! we can’t find it. If it says just one on the computer it is probably a mistake’ So after paying for more books from their bargain bin and making sure they had phoned ahead to hold the book for us we drove on down to Addington to get the hoses. Then into the city centre to Cashel st. Zipped into Cashel St Whitcoulls and found THE book, plus a few more from their bargain bins-!! So in the end the one book which should have cost me $29.95 ended up costing $275 – oops! We needed a frappacino by then so walked down to Starbucks on the way back to the car.

By then we were ready to go meet up with Nicky and the children at Mokka cafe. Like Laserstrike it is owned by the family and run by Bethany & Lydia. It is a really cute wee boutique cafe and the girls have such a lovely flair, it gets very busy so we try to avoid the rush traffic and arrive after 2pm.

From there we went on down to Sydenham and spent some time in the Christian Superstore and got some more books – mainly for me this time, all the others had been children’s books. We had a very fast 10 mins at Spotlight before closing time. It was very funny. They had some lovely fancy yarn on special. A very good special it was too. So I got a heap of it for Holly as she is making the most beautiful knitted shawls and is hoping to start a wee business. Hali and I had problems trying to juggle all the slippery packets of yarn and decided what colours we had and wanted and yarn was falling out of our arms and all over the place. It was fun and she is still giggling about it

By this time it was 5:30pm and getting dark so he got onto the motorway and headed to Sumner to have dinner with Edward, Liza and the boys. We had a yummy meal, fun catch up and then hit the road back out to Loburn at 7:30pm as all the children were getting very tired. It is years since I had been out to Sumner and despite the darkness I could see that it has really developed and gone ahead. There is also now a direct motor route north so it only took me an hour to get back to Loburn.

The children were sleeping when I got back so it was very easy to get them in to bed. Although Azzan remembered that I had promised him some yoghurt which had to be eaten first!

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