Wednesday – our last day in Christchurch

I decided when I got up that we needed to start heading towards home so we packed up and went on into Chch to meet up with a friend for lunch. We met at a cool garden centre Cafe Terra Viva. It was such a lovely place with scrummy food and it was so good to see Jude again and catch up on all the family news. I realised how long it was since I had seen her when I discovered to my horror that her husband had died in 2004 and I never knew. Sometimes time gets in the way and we miss so much. Mike was such a strong man, to be cut down in 5 months by cancer is so hard for Jude. Thankfully she has family and grandchildren close by and her daughter returning from UK soon to live.
I managed to catch a photo of Jude with my two ratbags just before leaving the cafe.

We then went into the city centre and found MapWorld. I was wanting to get some decent sized clear maps of NZ and had already spoken with them on the phone. We got 2 maps and then back to the car. It was the 2nd time I had used a carpark building in two days and hadn’t been charged for it – I guess if you are there less than an hour it is free. A bonus!

We then went on to Stanmore Rd and found Aunty Rona at home in her wee room. We invited her out for coffee – that made her smile even more than usual! She negotiated her walker out to the car and hopped aboard and we drove down to Mokka. I was able to park right by the door and helped her manoeuvre her way up the steps where we spent a pleasurable time enjoying Bethany & Lydia’s service. Aunty Rona decreed their cappuccino to be Very Good


PICT1513 PICT1517

Before we left Azzan was giving Aunty Rona big smooges and tickle hugs – hence the slightly blurry photo.

We took Aunty Rona home again, the long way and then headed north. We arrived at Waipara around 5pm and stayed the night with Ross & Lenore. Mahalia had been very droopy all day, I had been worried that she may be sickening for something so I gave her a bath and she had a small dinner and then happily went to bed. I finally managed to get Azzan off to bed as well and then enjoyed a lovely evening with the William’s family.

Next morning we got on the road by 9am and drove straight to Kaikoura. Stopped in to visit Yvonne & Scott ( the owner’s of the B&B Tim & I had stayed in a few months back). Ended up having lunch with them before travelling on to Blenheim. We got there around 3pm and had 2 hours to do a heap of jobs for Tim & Jesika plus go to the library and get groceries. So it was close to 6pm before we left town. We stopped and had a meal at Slip Inn in Havelock. Then I cuddled the children down with their blankets, plugged in my iPod and drove home. Up till then Azzan had been using my iPod, it is a great way to keep him entertained while travelling so I decided it was my turn and he could sleep. It was funny cuz Mahalia did what I said and was asleep in moments and then as I was driving along her wee feet would kick out in my direction and I would have to fend them off and out of the way of the wheel and gear stick!

Anyway, we got home, unpacked and had a mountain of mail and emails etc to deal with. Tim & Nathan went off to bed soon after. I cannot just come home and go straight to bed – I have to have unwinding space so I finally got to bed around midnight.

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