I was trying to update last night but I was tired and the computer wouldn’t load fast enough so gave up. Now it is nearly 6am and Tim and the children have just left for Nelson. I am planning on going back to bed real soon. I have the house to myself ALL day – bliss

Tuesday afternoon Sheri and I tackled the school room and made huge progress. While I was away 2 weekends back Cat had moved a large cabinet out of the living room to make room for where we plan to put the new wood fire and relocated it into the school room. By doing this she had also relocated all my school books. She had done it very tidily but it was just a mission to find where she had put everything and then reorganise it to where I need it to be. i.e. she had stashed all the maths equipment up in the top cupboard where I couldn’t access it readily so it is now in a more practical place. I had also just received a large pile of reading books from Bob Jones University and some more Math-U-See books plus I had found some great work books while in town so had to find space for all of them too. And the children had been making things and typically not cleaned up after themselves so it all looked pretty daunting to begin with. It is all good now though – coming together nicely.

The rain came in earlier than we were expecting. We woke to a warmer temperature on Wednesday and a drizzly day. Seb was taken with the cloud on the hills across from us and was trying to get some good photos. The mussel barges were also very busy in the bay as well. I think we had 3 visits to the wharf during the day to unload or load ropes.

The children had a great time making carts out of empty boxes. It kept McKayla entertained for ages.
PICT1826 PICT1824

PICT1822 PICT1825
They talked Jonathan into being a horse – he was most obliging for a few moments! Jesika had plaited Mahalia’s hair on Sunday so I finally decided it had to be combed out before it all turned to dreads. She was most delighted with the outcome – a blonde afro. She was convinced that it made her look very pretty – I tried to suggest that it is the inside of her that determines whether she is pretty or not, not the outward appearance – not too sure if the chat had any effect

The rain cleared away enough for Sheri to tackle some gardening. Despite the lack of rain the growth has been considerable and the vine on the archway had climbed right up the overflow pipes on the roof and it also was creeping in-between the wall boards and strangling the Kowhai tree. She made good progress and the garden is looking a lot more loved. McKayla was very happy to sit in her buggy and watch Mum. Eva heeled in a lot of cuttings from the prunings of the pelargoniums so hopefully most of them will grow – there were dozens or even hundreds so once they are planted around the garden there will be a lovely display.

When Cat moved the cupboard she stashed all the china from it in washing baskets in my bedroom. So Tim & I have had hardly any room to move and I have been very short on washing baskets. After lunch I decided it was time to begin sorting stuff. Got as far as doing the dvd’s and video’s. Then I just got too tired so decided I needed a cuppa and a book. So I put my feet up and had a rest for an hour. Helps to have a good book and a study to hide in

Tim took all the men and children around to the logging site for the afternoon. While the guys skinned posts the children had great fun making huts in the undergrowth. Then when they got back home around 4:30pm they grabbed food and went down to the wharf fishing. We had to drag them in for baths and dinner. They had left a huge mess behind so I insisted that it was cleaned up before dinner – Sheri and Eva helped Mahalia

Jesika came around for dinner. She has been searching the net for work in Melbourne each time she comes around and has been sending her CV off to any likely looking job opportunity. Nothing yet but she has been asked about an interview by one place. I called a distant cousin in Melbourne for her last night so she & Rosina could ‘meet’ over the phone. Jesika was delighted to know that she now has someone to meet her at the airport and somewhere to stay for the first 2 nights.

Right – it is 6:30am, I am off to have a shower and then I might go back to bed or I might do some art or I might just find some food….. what blissful possibilities

Well, I was about to post this yesterday morning when xanga disappeared for the whole day so they could do maintenance

So – did my day pan out like I planned?
Well, Yes and No!

I decided to have a shower and then lazed back on the couch with a warm fire behind me and a movie in front and enjoyed my breakfast in a leisurely manner. Good movie – ‘The Life of David Gale’.

Then…… there were phone calls! All the children were at the dental clinic with Seb while Tim went off to the hospital for his appointment. So the nurse had to call me for permission to do necessary work. When she told me what had to be done I was horrified. All of my children have had good teeth and have had hardly any work done over the years so I was pretty gutted when I heard that the three younger ones all had work to do. So I called my dentist just to get a second opinion. Also made an appointment to take all four to the dental hygenist at the end of July to try and avoid this happening again. Tim was able to leave the three younger children with friends while he did all his jobs which was great for all concerned

I spent most of the rest of the morning in the study doing necessary stuff, and getting the washing through the dryer and putting it away and making beds etc. Then got hungry so had a yummy lunch – watched part of a movie which I didn’t like so turned that off and decided to do some art work.

Before I started that though I mended Shoshannah’s favourite pants – she will be pleased as her mother doesn’t normally do mending these days-!! Managed to get a spread done in one of the round robin journals and finished off the wee books the children had made during their last unit study. They just had the fiddley tying together of the pages to do and I gad been putting it off. But they are now all done and stuck into their project folders.

I called a friend and then the weather took a drastic turn for the worse. It had been damp and drizzly all day but a storm came in with a vengeance. There was torrential rain, wind, thunder and lightening. During all of this I had to make a phone call and while I was waiting for the person I needed to talk to lightening hit the phone and it blew in my ear – pretty shocking

It was fairly short and sharp and by the time I realised that it wasn’t the whole phone system and only the one phone I had been holding the storm had eased and this glorious rainbow was circling the bay – can you see the 2nd one?

From all the news bulletins I have been hearing it sounds like NZ is in the grip of a fairly extensive severe weather system coming up from the Antarctic. We are getting more this morning and more to come by the sounds of it..

I cooked up dinner early just in case I lost the power but we didn’t so that was good. I watched a really cool movie while eating dinner. A true story starring Meryl Streep – ‘Music of the Heart’. A brilliant story which I would recommend.

Tim & Seb were towing a truck home so they never arrived until after 8:30pm. They brought all the children back including Nathan, who is rather weary after his week away. The truck is for the farm so is not registered or warranted therefore the need to tow it, but I think Seb may have driven it for the last hour.

It has been very quiet this morning – the children are normally up early but after their long day in town I think they might be rather tired today.

So even though I didn’t get all done I had thought I might I still had a really good day. I have been so peopled out that a whole day here alone was total bliss

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  1. it is nice to have vacation at home. I have only had it a few times in my life, but it is nice. Especially when you get to take it easy AND get stuff done. Congrats.

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