Thankful for warm fires :-)

I have been very grateful for our big wood fires these past few days. The house has been very cosy. I have also had a large heater going in the hall to take the chill off the bedrooms and in the mornings that we are using the school room I move it in there to keep us cosy. This cold snap has really hit with ferocity.

We did some school work yesterday. It was fun because I had a huge poster of geographic terms that I had just bought. It was a large landscape to which the children had to match up the names as we discussed them. They (and I) now know what butte, mesa, archipelago and isthmus are!!! They enjoyed it so much that they have asked to do it again before we stick the names on permanently. We also had fun with some new work books I had bought – Azzan just loves to do ‘school work’ so the busy books are great for him.

Shannie spends most of her time outside either with her chickens or fishing or capering around the hills with the guys. Josiah won’t do anything unless it involves Shannie! He is always wanting to go and get the eggs and is very proud when he brings one into me.

Seb & Daniel spent most of the day working on the new truck. It is bright yellow – be a great farm truck as we will be able to see it miles away on the hillsides. Tim and the guys have been mustering and wood gathering. The wood pile for the house needs replenishing often at the moment. Simon, a violin maker, from Germany arrived on the mailboat. Jonathan came back from Waterfall Bay with Tim. He brought heaps of food over. Jesika has been cleaning out her cupboards and stocktaking the shop – so we get all the goodies

I was very glad to get to bed early last night but when I jumped in I discovered that the plug of my electric blanket was not in properly so my side of the bed was cold At least Tim’s side was warm so I had somewhere to go while waiting for mine to warm up.

Today Mahalia and Azzan did some school work with me by the fire and Nathan finished his maths book. So he was very eager to get his prize – another box of Knights Kingdom Lego for his collection.

I decided we would make some Turkish pizza for lunch so Shannie and Josiah helped. Josiah was very intent on grating the cheese.
I was cutting the onions and went and sliced through the end of my thumb. There was blood everywhere so Shannie kept finding new bandages for it to keep the blood off the pizza. The guys wolfed it down and declared it most delectable despite the suspicion of my blood and flesh in there somewhere

They all went out mustering this afternoon. Our neighbour Peter arrived at the door needing to use the phone as lightening had blown his out. So we had a lovely visit in between phone calls. Brianna had found the $890 sleeping bag she needed on a 50% sale in Christchurch. There was one left and they wouldn’t hold it or take my visa over the phone so I called my cousin and he happily went in and found Bri walking around and around the store holding her sleeping bag so no-one else would get it. So cool to know I could call on him in our hour of need – Thanks big cuz

Nathan and I made dinner. It was fill your own wraps. Absolutely yummy but the crew never arrived in till way after dark so we were all totally starving and the food disappeared in no time. They had been trying to get the bull moved in with the heifers but he wouldn’t budge so it was a completely wasted muster. They were all frozen on return and all Seb’s fingers were white to the 2nd knuckle-!!

Well, I have made sure my electric blanket is on tonight and I am about to go jump in with my book. I think the boys are watching ‘Saving Private Ryan’ but once watched is enough for me.

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