Well, I did have my wallow in the bath yesterday morning. It was lovely and for once I didn’t have to bail out before I was ready. Tim took Daniel and Simon out mustering to try and convince the elusive bull that he really should move to another paddock with the cows. It was once again a real mission, he broke back just like he did the previous time, but then after a while decided to just calmly lead his ladies through the gate as if nothing had happened!

Jonathan packed up and left around 11am.
I did a bit of school work with Mahalia. Sheri got in and helped the children clean up their rooms and vacuumed all the floors. By the time the men got back it was raining and they were cold, wet and hungry. I had promised the children they could watch ‘Hoodwinked’ – Simon & Daniel got intrigued with the story too. It is a very clever version of Red Riding Hood.
Tim made the most of a wet afternoon and went for a drive to visit a neighbour and to look at a boat trailer.

Today we woke to an even colder morning. There was even a frost here – not as heavy as else where but still for us it was a frost. I have had the fires going all day and still have not gotten very warm. It was still and cold and the sun was shining out on the bay – just not here at the house It was calm and still all day – hard to believe that just east of us across the island the ferry’s were cancelled this morning because of 5m swells in the Cook Strait.
Tim took Daniel and Simon out to do mussel work. Shannie and Josiah went too to catch fish. Shannie got some really good sized cod so she was very happy with herself.

McKayla was a very helpful girl today. She helped Nathan with his maths…
and she helped Azzan and Sheri with the cooking…
PICT1907 PICT1905
Azzan cut all the butter up for the shortbread and then flattened the balls. It is very yummy shortbread – might have to get him to make some more. Sheri and I got heaps of food prep done. Lunch today and dinner for the next couple of nights. Good to get ahead.

Nathan showed Sheri how to make Leopard bar. After lunch Seb & Daniel took off hunting and Tim took everyone else up the hill to the sunshine to drench some sheep. Azzan decided to bail out and came running back to keep me company. I did some art work – am trying to get the journals finished so I can post them tomorrow when I go to Nelson.

Just as I was dishing dinner Seb & Daniel appeared at the window with these…
PICT1910 PICT1914
They were two very happy chaps
Both deer were head/neck shot so will be good eating.

I am trying to get organised to head into Nelson tomorrow but I am really worried about the roads. It is really really cold, Seb said there is ice on the road not far from here already and it is sposed to be a real humdinger of a freeze tonight. I HATE driving when there is ice around. The latest I can leave is 8:30am but I really need to be away an hour earlier – please pray for wind tonight so the roads won’t freeze.

I have one more day of first aid to do on Thursday and then that’s it for now. Hopefully no more town trips for a few weeks.

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  1. um, I can’t really just go upstairs to get the camera because I left the cord in WA. I asked Jamin to mail it, but he isn’t really by a mailing center at the right times of day. Oh well, when I get home you will be flooded with pictures.

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