Nathan’s hangi

Nathan decided that he would put a hangi down so with lots of encouragement from Daniel that got it all sorted. By the time they had the fire and stones hot enough and were ready to put in the venison and veges it was raining. But that didn’t deter them one bit. There was some concensus as to whether it would be cooked properly from the onlookers!

But when they brought it up it was steaming hot and smelled delicious. It was added to the adults dinner and enjoyed by many

PICT1998 PICT1999 PICT2001 PICT2002

The guys were most proud of their efforts and Nathan is talking of another hangi when the rain stops.

2 thoughts on “Nathan’s hangi

  1. I think your Hangi is similar to our Hobo Stew? We wrap meat and veggies in aluminium foil and stick it in the coals. Yummy stuff! Yours, or Nathans I should say, looks delicious.

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