Wednesday – Friday

It was sooooo hard to get out of bed on Wednesday morning. It was sooooooooo cold and I was really tired and NOT looking forward to driving the road out.
I dragged myself out at 6:30am, showered and chucked everything into the Safari and at 8am I was off. It didn’t look good. From the Croft the road was white with frost When I got to the top of the hill the sun was shining across the frosty hillside.
PICT1920 PICT1921_2
It was a beautiful morning though There was a heavy dump of snow on the ranges behind Nelson. I drove very carefully out, the road was white most of the way but the only place I actually hit ice was a small patch near Okiwi Bay.

I called in to Rai and saw Ruth – she was working at the Store and trying to keep warm. I was pleasantly surprised that the rest of the hills to Nelson were absolutely fine. I guess leaving 2 hours later than I normally would’ve meant there had already been more traffic.

I stopped for a fast frappiccino to revitalise myself and then headed out to Mapua for lunch. Our special friend (adopted daughter) Ella & her dh, Grant have recently bought a restaurant & bar there and have been doing heaps with it to make it more user friendly.
I have been so enjoying catching up with them and seeing what more they have done on these last few trips to town. It is worth the extra miles and time from Nelson to pop out there. Phillipa, Estelle and Jesika met me there and we had a most enjoyable lunch with Ella and her twins – Ava & Brianna and 3yr old Eden.
PICT1941 PICT1942

I had to tear myself away as I had an appointment at 3pm for a full body massage. It was just lovely to lie back and relax for an hour. Then I finished all the shopping and got to Sally & John’s for dinner and bed.

Thursday was cold and overcast and grey – all day. Had a good time at the first aid course. Our tutor was Peter who had been on the previous course with me. So he used me for patient scenarios etc seeing as I had been there done it before. It was good to hear some of the stuff again and also the new things that I hadn’t already covered. We finished early at 3:30pm so I thought I would have plenty of time to get the last few things done and get out of town quick. Alas! town traffic didn’t allow that. I had to go visit the wood fire man to talk about our new fire, then got last groceries and fuel and headed across town to Stoke to pick up the computers. But it was 4:45pm and the traffic was literally crawling. I know now why I don’t live in town. Talk about frustrating

Finally got to Pete’s and spent some time sorting out things with the computers and then headed back to pick up Sophie and Katherine – Shannie & Mahalia’s little friends. We were finally outa town around 6:30pm. Had a good trip home. The girls dozed most of the way, occasionally poppin’ up their heads to ask ‘Are we there yet?’

Got home soon after 9pm, my children were already asleep and didn’t know the girls where coming so we snuck them into beds by my girls for them to find in the morning. Well, they sure did find them – they were all awake and percolating, well before 6:30am!!

Great excitement. They were up and doing chickens, pigs and fishing before I managed to even find my clothes. I was hoping they would manage to find food in their busyness!

The mailboat came bringing Estela from Brazil. She is studying at Otago and has come for a week to help me during her holidays. Azzan very quickly found she was happy to cuddle

Brianna is home again, with all her things this time. She is having to sort and pack. She is also trying to sort us out and clean up the mess. Because there are so many people here there is a continual stream of footwear and mud at the back door and generally things everywhere. Just lovely – not! Plus the children have play areas – everywhere-!! I think I will just wait until all are gone and then get some semblance of order back. Less stressful that way.

We did manage to get the children back inside in the latter stages of the afternoon as it had begun to rain. They watched an old 1962 movie I have just bought – ‘In Search of the Castaways’. It’s a Jules verne classic and stars Hayley Mills and Maurice Chevalier. I found all the guys watching it and having a good laugh too. Most enjoyable and rather funny rendition of the Maori back then.

I gave the children and early dinner so I could get them to bed.

Tim wants to use the phone so I will continue soon with the antics of the older ones later – might just go have a bath seeing as the rain is coming down steadily and there is not a lot else to do

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