Back home again

As usual I woke well before the alarm clock so by just after 6am Azzan and I were heading towards Nelson. We had a good day getting everything done. All went well, so by 5:30pm we were zipping over the hill to Motupiko with a couple of roast chickens for dinner.

We arrived just after Phillipa and the children had gotten back from skiing at Rainbow. They had had a great day. Nathan went with them so had heaps to tell me. There was a mountain of gear to unpack and sort but it all got done most efficiently and we then sat down to a yummy dinner.

After, we managed to get the little ones off to bed we sat and watched ‘Ladies in Lavender’. A delightful movie with Judi Dench. However, by the time it finished and we sat around with another cuppa and more chat it was close on 1am before we climbed into our beds.

Next morning was quite leisurely. Nice to sit and catch up with everything and everyone for a change. Azzan and I left mid morning and got to Greymouth in just 3 hours. Had a 10mins stop at Murchison. We found The Sundowner Motel quite easily. Lovely clean, comfortable, colourful accommodation. I had a shower and then we both rested up on the bed with his cuddly blanket and watched a movie called ‘Roll Bounce’. It was really good. Some amazing talent there amongst the young roller skating fraternity and some good messages too. Azzan loved it

I decided around 3:30pm that it was time to go find the venue of the party. Well, it took us a good half an hour to find it. Greymouth is such a huge town – not! First of all I was turning out of the motel and the cellphone went so I reached behind to grab my bag and get my glasses. Can’t read the text without glasses. No glasses. I pulled over and searched. Couldn’t find them so we did a u-turn and went back to the motel. No glasses. So I had another car search and found them behind Azzan’s seat. Okay. So we are off again. Couldn’t find the right street so stopped off at a fuel station and asked. ‘No problem, it is just over there behind that building across the rail tracks.’ So I drove on and around and looked and went around in a few circles and looked again. Finally we went a bit further and found it just as Uncle Earl was arriving. So timed that well.

Spent a couple of hours at the Union Hotel meeting and greeting the long lost cuzzies. Hadn’t seen most of them since Neville’s 50th b’day about 5-6 years ago. Duncan and Mum were driving down from Blenheim. They arrived a lot later cuz Duncan went tiki touring over a 4WD back route. Glorious trip apparently. But they got to the motel and found Mum had booked into the wrong motel. Thankfully Greymouth is a small town and the hostess was able to sort it all out, cancel the other booking and give them a unit near us.

At 6pm we all moved into the Copper Room for a delicious smorgasbord dinner. Lots of food, more chat and laughter. Lots of photos. Great fun.
Here’s Uncle Earl with his children – Karen, Ronnie and Neville. PICT2394 PICT2405
And with all the grand and great grand children. Only 2 were missing.

They had the cutting of the cake which Uncle Earl shared with his son Ronnie. 80 years and 52 years = 132 years between them.
PICT2385 PICT2400
Mum and Uncle Earl are the last two in-laws left on my Dad’s side of the family.

I was Karen’s bridesmaid back in 1975 – wish I had a scanner to show you what we looked like back then – maybe not

Azzan did very well. Managed to last the distance although he was getting very weary by the time we left at 10pm. Uncle Duncan decided to put a restraining order on him while the photos were being taken as he kept on getting into them all
PICT2403 PICT2404

We slept well and then after packing up went out and had breakfast at the Jade Boulder cafe. It was very good. Popped around to Neville’s place to say good-bye to the cuzzies and then I zipped back into town to meet up with Sarah and James and girls. It was lovely to have that hour to catch up – thanks for lunch guys! They took the photos that time so none from me unless they decide to share Had lunch and then we were on our way north again.

Duncan and Mum had diverted over to Maruia to have a dip in the hot pools. We had a good drive up and although there was frost and ice along the sides of the road it was a pleasant and smooth drive. Because I was out of cell phone coverage it wasn’t until next morning that I got a text from Duncan warning me of black ice. He had gotten caught in a patch which gave them a nasty scare. It was apparently touch and go and only due to his 4-wheel driving skills that he managed to negotiate out of it. If it had been me I would’ve canned it totally He did say they needed a strong coffee when they got up the road further-!!

We had another pleasant night with Phillipa, Pat and the family. Then Monday morning gathered up Nathan and all the gear and headed over to Nelson. The temperature was considerably warmer than the night before so no ice thankfully. We had another busy day in town – didn’t manage to leave town till 5:30pm.

I gave Azzan my ipod to listen to – it was really funny, he would be as quiet as a mouse and then he would burst into song at the top of his voice or want to tell me all about what song he was listening to. So, he never slept the whole way. Nathan tried but Azzan’s loud singing prevented that!

Tim and the girls had coped fine with the fishing party during our absence and on Monday with Cat, Simon and Seb’s help had got the Lodge cleaned in good time.

Today was a beautiful day so Tim took everyone out fishing. Fresh fish for dinner was lovely. Seb & I stayed back to get stuff done but I think he did more sleeping than schoolwork – naughty boy I called Jesika and had a good catch up with her, she was staying the night with Rosina up at Sunbury – enjoying being out of the city.

Cat & Simon are leaving for Wanaka at 4:30am so we are all off to bed early tonight. Just heard that the lass that was sposed to be coming to manage The Lodge in September can’t come now so we are now back in the market for a manager. Anyone interested??

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